August 16, 2022

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SSI Digest July 2022

Due to its immutability and censorship resistance, the Blockchain seems to be a suitable place to manage identities and credentials.

Indexing and Querying Revoked Verifiable Credentials

Majd on Medium. July 1, 2022

Due to its immutability and censorship resistance, the Blockchain seems to be a suitable place to manage identities and credentials. However, querying the data on the blockchain in a trusted and efficient way is one of the most challenging issues every Web3 developer has to face while developing a DApp. Therefore, this article describes a simple approach to revoke verifiable credentials and a decentralized and efficient way to index and query those revoked credentials using the Graph protocol.

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Decentralized Identifiers 1.0 are now a W3C standard

Biometric Update. July 5, 2022

Overcoming the formal objections of Google, Apple, and Mozilla, Tim Berners Lee announced via Ralph Swick “The DID core specification is approved to advance to W3C Recommendation.” The DID Core 1.0 is officially a W3C standard, raising the prospects of decentralized digital credentials and self-sovereign identity.

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Swiss government to introduce digital national identity cards

NFCW. July 5, 2022

The Swiss Government is to develop a national digital ID infrastructure that will enable residents to obtain a digital ID card by downloading an app, scanning their physical ID card, passport, or residence permit, and verifying their identity using face recognition technology.

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OneID announces ISP certification

Finextra. July 8, 2022

OneID® is now a certified Digital Identity Service Provider (ISP) under the UK Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) and is the first provider with a 100% digital process to achieve this certification.

They are the first Orchestration Service Provider (OSP) to receive certification. As an OSP, OneID® plays the role of a ‘hub’ to connect all of the UK’s high street banks with providers of any online journey that needs customers to identify themselves.


ID-Pal secures €7 million in Series A funding round

Finextra. July 11, 2022

ID-Pal, the global identity verification provider, announces a €7 million Series A funding round to further fuel expansion into international markets.

ID-Pal gives businesses a simple, secure, and convenient way to verify the identity and address of customers. The ISO 27001 certified solution performs document verification, facial matching, liveness testing, and address e-verification in real-time.

#fundraising #AML #KYC #DID

Payment Implants: Merging digital identity with the physical

Finextra. July 12, 2022

Wojtek Paprota, Founder & CEO, Walletmor, speaks at MPE 2022 in Berlin about the future of implants for payments, the advantages of implants over the well-established payment instruments ,and challenges of merging digital and physical identity.


OIX Finds Digital Vouching Crucial to Prevent Millions Being Excluded from Digital ID Ecosystems

The Fintech Times. July 13, 2022

The non-profit organization Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has released its latest paper outlining the critical role that a digital vouching process could play in helping to address the problem of access to basic and essential public and private sector services.

Digital vouching is a process that involves a person who is already trusted legally, vouching for another individual they have known for some time, but who is struggling to prove who they are.


Is the EU Digital Identity Wallet an Implementation of Self-Sovereign Identity?

The Paypers. July 13, 2022

In June 2021, the European Commission announced its plans for (a framework for) Digital Identity Wallets. Also, over the past few years, the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), a new way of thinking about digital identity, has emerged in the market. As a result, the question arises: to what extent is the EU Digital Identity Wallet an implementation of SSI?

INNOPAY experts take a closer look at how divergent the current digital identity landscape in Europe is and highlight some examples regarding digital identity in individual member states.

#DID #SSI #Europe

World's First ID Card Network Closes Key Strategic Funding to Expand to Millions of Digital ID Cards

PRNewsWire. July 15, 2022

Unum ID, the digital ID card network, has raised a $2M strategic round led by 1414 Ventures and Outliers, with participation from Draper Associates, TappanHill Ventures, and others. This round of funding will cement Unum ID's position as the leader in reusable identity, supercharging growth from thousands to millions of verified digital ID cards to crack the cold start problem of reusable identity.

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Indicio Launches Proven, A Complete Trusted Digital Ecosystem For Sharing Actionable, Trustworthy Data

AccessWire. July 20, 2022

Indicio announced the launch of Indicio Proven™, its flagship solution for authenticating and sharing high-value data while preserving privacy and enhancing security. Indicio Proven is an off-the-shelf, end-to-end system that delivers open source technology to help companies, organizations, and public sector agencies deploy and configure their own interoperable trusted digital ecosystems using verifiable credentials.

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IPEN Workshop on Digital Identity

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). July 22, 2022

On 22 June 2022, the EDPS and the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University organized an Internet Privacy Engineering Network (IPEN) workshop on Digital Identity.

"A wide debate has been ongoing on organizational and technological choices to design digital identity schemes and portfolios of personal attributes for digital authorization purposes that can fully implement the GDPR principle of data protection by design and by default.

The workshop aims at understanding the challenges and identifying the state of the art of the available options for compliant and privacy-enhancing solutions."

The article contains the agenda and downloadable speakers' presentations.

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New US Digital Identity Act Expected to Pass, Paving the Way For Next Gen ID

FindBiometrics. July 26, 2022

A new US digital identity bill is steadily making its way through Congress. The “Improving Digital Identity Act” has been reviewed by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and is expected to pass through once the Committee returns from its recess. A nearly identical version of the bill has also been introduced in the Senate, which means that it is one step closer to becoming law.

Once passed, the Identity Act would give the federal government the legislative foundation it needs to start providing a digital ID service for American citizens. Lawmakers are hoping that digital IDs will help facilitate economic activity, and give people a secure way to verify their identities in online interactions. However, the bills stresses that the service should only be offered on an opt-in basis, with the Senate version going so far as to state that the government cannot require digital IDs for any specific interaction.

#US #regulation #DID

Mastercard's digital ID service accredited by government

itnews. July 26, 2022

Mastercard has become the third credential provider to be accredited under the federal government’s digital identity system, joining Australia Post and the Australian Taxation Office.

The credit card giant revealed its accreditation as a credential provider and as a identity proofing level 1+ provider through the government's trusted digital identity framework (TDIF).

#Australia #DID #regulation

Discover EBSI's Use Cases

EBSI. July 26, 2022

EBSI supports the creation of cross-border services that help citizens and businesses manage identity & educational credentials and social security coverage.

These use cases aim to facilitate the mobility of students, young professionals and entrepreneurs as well as guaranteeing and verifying the authenticity of digital information in different sectors.

#usecase #Europe #DID

Web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains raises funds at $1B valuation

Techcrunch. July 27, 2022

Unstoppable Domains, a popular blockchain naming system provider and identity platform, is the latest crypto startup to become a unicorn.

The identity platform, which has amassed over 2.5 million registered NFT domains, said on Wednesday it has raised $65 million in its Series A funding round at a valuation of $1 billion.

Pantera Capital led the four year-old startup’s new financing round with participation from Mayfield, Gaingels, Alchemy Ventures, Redbeard Ventures, Spartan Group, OKG Investments, Polygon, CoinDCX, CoinGecko, We3 syndicate, Rainfall Capital, Broadhaven, EI Ventures, Hardyaka, Alt Tab Capital, Boost VC and Draper Associates.

#fundraising #DID

Singpass incorporates digital identity card, saves $36 per onboarding, considers decentralization

Biometric Update. July 28, 2022

Singapore’s digital identity scheme, Singpass, adds new features and service integrations as penetration reaches 97 percent of eligible residents. It has 3.5 million users of whom 85 percent use it each month, generating 23 million transactions a year.

The developers are working on a DID VC-based identity wallet. The MyInfo feature of the app is where users can access and control their identity data. Businesses convert more customers via MyInfo. There is an average reduction of 80 percent in the time taken to apply for financial products and relying parties report a 15 percent higher approval rate. They also save up to S$50 (US$36) per application. There are more than 200,000 transactions a day with the system, including with international banks such as Citi.

#Singapore #DID

A novel approach to establish trust in verifiable credential issuers in Self-sovereign identity ecosystems using TRAIN

Gesellshaft Fur Informatik. July 28, 2022

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) promises to bring decentralized privacy friendly identity management (IdM) ecosystems to everyone. Yet, trust management in SSI remains challenging. In particular, it lacks a holistic approach that combines trust and governance frameworks. A practical and scalable mechanism is needed for verifiers to externally verify their trust in credential issuers. This paper illustrates how TRAIN (Trust mAnagement INfrastructure), an approach based on established components like ETSI trust lists and the Domain Name System (DNS), can be used as a trust registry component to provide a holistic approach for trust management in SSI ecosystems. TRAIN facilitates individual trust decisions through the discovery of trust lists in SSI ecosystems, along with published credential schemas, so that verifiers can perform informed trust decisions about issued credentials.

#SSI #whitepaper

India’s M2P Fintech snaps up digital identity platform Syntizen

Fintech Futures. July 28, 2022

API infrastructure provider M2P Fintech has acquired Syntizen, a provider of identity validation services such as Aadhaar verification and Know Your Customer (KYC).

M2P Fintech says the acquisition strengthens its approach to providing a comprehensive platform for financial institutions offering a “fully integrated technology stack” that includes identity and onboarding services.

#India #M&A #KYC #DID

Greece rolls out digital ID cards and driving licences

NFCW. July 29, 2022

Greek citizens can now create, store and present digital versions of their national identity card and driving licence using a digital identity wallet on their smartphone.

The Greek government has begun rolling out the Wallet for both Android and Apple devices, enabling citizens to generate digital documents that can be used in Greece in the same way as their physical ID card or driving licence and incorporate a QR code and unique document code that allow a document’s authenticity to be verified by officials.

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Credas gets government certification for digital ID checks

UKTN. July 29, 2022

Anti-money laundering platform Credas Technologies has been given government certification to provide digital identity checks. It is the latest indication that the UK is moving away from physical documents checks for processes such as renting a property or applying for a job.

Cardiff-based Credas Technologies provides ID services to help clients meet anti-money laundering (AML) rules. This process involves knowing the customer is who they say they are, with Credas using document scanning and facial recognition to check this.

#UK #DID #AML #KYC #regulation

Equifax Snaps up Midigator to Bolster its Digital Identity and Fraud Capabilities

The Fintech Times. July 30,2022

Credit report provider Equifax has agreed to acquire Midigator, a provider of post-transaction fraud mitigation solutions, to boost its digital identity and fraud prevention credentials.

Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5.5trillion in 2022 with digital payments expected to grow from 2.6 billion users in 2020 to over 4.4 billion in 2025. With increasing transaction disputes and surging chargebacks, Equifax says Midigator’s automated, data-driven chargeback prevention and dispute management tools will complement its data network of fraud and trust-related signals.


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