July 12, 2022

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SSI Digest June 2022

Microsoft has announced an expansion and restructuring of its identity management product portfolio to reflect the evolution of the security environment.

Microsoft unveils its vision for the future of digital identity

Techradar. June 1, 2022

Microsoft has announced an expansion and restructuring of its identity management product portfolio to reflect the evolution of the security environment.

The company has launched a new platform called Microsoft Entra, under which all of its identity-related services will now fall.

The aim is to radically simplify digital identity management and verification, unlocking benefits for enterprise customers and consumers alike.


Right-to-work: first digital identity check providers revealed

Personnel Today. June 6, 2022

The government has announced the first certified providers for digital identity checks to establish candidates’ right to work in the UK. A partnership between the Post Office and secure digital ID app Yoti has been named as the first digital identity service provider (IDSP) to be certified by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, allowing organisations to complete the digital identity verification element of right-to-work checks for British and Irish citizens who hold a valid passport.


Sekuritance Becomes First Mover in Identity-Based Non-Transferable NFTs Built on $SKRT

GlobeNewswire. June 6, 2022

Sekuritance has recently announced their identity-based ntNFTs. It enables users to be in control of their self-sovereign identity (SSI) and have more efficient control over verifying their identity on platforms via decentralised access.


What Does The Future Of Digital ID Look Like?

Forbes. June 7, 2022

Lincoln Ando, founder and CEO of idwall, discusses the current state and the future of digital identity solutions.

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Tisa to commence live pilot of Digital ID scheme

Finextra. June 7, 2022

The Investing and Saving Alliance (Tisa), is to commence a live pilot of its interoperable digit ID programme for financial services in the summer 2022, having onboarded new participants Lloyds, NatWest and Onfido. Other participants include Barclays, OneSpan, Signicat and Daon.

The objective of Tisa’s programme is to create a digital identity scheme that allows consumers to set up and reuse an identity to interact with financial institutions.


Leading MEP proposes changes on privacy, access, interoperability for European digital wallet

Euractiv. June 7, 2022

A European Parliament member published a draft report introducing significant changes to the original text of the new eIDAS Regulation. It focuses on interoperability, data privacy and equal access.

#regulation #europe #eIDAS

How AI is driving IAM’s shift to digital identity

VentureBeat. June 10, 2022

Identity and access management (IAM) provider ForgeRock recently held its annual IDLive conference in Austin, Texas. One of the most compelling sessions involved ForgeRock CTO Eve Maler, who discussed the future of IAM and how it’s now being heavily infused with artificial intelligence (AI) to make it more effective.


Nuggets integrates iProov selfie biometrics with self-sovereign ID platform

Biometric Update. June 10, 2022

British face biometrics provider iProov and Nuggets announced a collaboration to merge their services to form a biometrically verified self-sovereign digital ID for Web2 and Web3 identity authentication and online payments.

Nuggets has integrated iProov’s iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance and Liveness Assurance face biometric products for compatibility with self-sovereign principals and open standards for Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). The integration will provide users control over their biometric template to be used for authenticating transactions using iProov’s face biometrics.


EC Commission Pilot with Citopia & ITN on CO2 Emissions Monitoring

MOBI. June 10, 2022

In an effort to advance research and development for global emissions monitoring, the European Commission​​ developed a joint pilot with MOBI to test the use case of vehicle emission self-reporting using MOBI’s Web3 infrastructure, Citopia and the ITN. Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are created on Citopia to simulate the interaction of EU Commission, Member State Vehicle Registration Authorities (RAs), and Vehicles. The experiment tests the scalability performance for the EU’s 27 states and 280 million vehicles.

The article explores those Self-Sovereign Identity solutions.

#SSI #usecase #VC

NSSIA: A NewSelf-Sovereign Identity Scheme with Accountability

School of Cyberspace, Hangzhou Dianzi University. June 10, 2022

Abstract from the work:

SSI is a new distributed method for identity management, commonly used to address the problem that users are lack of control over their identities. However, the excessive pursuit of self-sovereignty in the most existing SSI schemes hinders sanctions against attackers. To deal with the malicious behavior, a few SSI schemes introduce accountability mechanisms, but they sacrifice users’ privacy. What’s more, the digital identities (static strings or updatable chains) in the existing SSI schemes are as inputs to a third-party executable program (mobile app, smart contract, etc.) to achieve identity reading, storing and proving, users’ self-sovereignty are weakened. To solve the above problems, we present a new self-sovereign identity scheme to strike a balance between privacy and accountability and get rid of the dependence on the third-party program.

#whitepaper #SSI

UK digital identity and attributes trust framework - alpha version 2 June 13, 2022

In February 2021, the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport published a policy paper on the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework.

The current policy paper update covers the feedback received from the alpha online survey, where the majority of feedback received came from members of the public. It also covers engagement sessions held with over 200 stakeholders from industry, civil society, the public sector and other experts over the last five months

#DID #whitepaper #policy #UK

Achieving trusted digital transactions across the globe: OIX and ToIP align to make it happen

Public News Time. June 15, 2022

Two of the most influential global membership organisations in the digital ID space have aligned to forge a faster and more secure route to a shared and trusted digital future.

The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) and Trust over IP Foundation (ToIP) have now committed to aligning their efforts, having realized the synergies in the work they were doing and the vast potential of working more closely together to drive their common agenda across the globe.


Web 5: all Jack should know about digital identity but is too afraid to ask

Cybernews. June 16, 2022

Jack Dorsey announces Web5. The article is trying to identify if Jack lost the plot, or has fixed the Internet and its missing identity layer.


Liquid Avatar Releases Update to It’s Feature Rich Self-Sovereign Identity Mobile App

NCFA. June 22, 2022

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., a global blockchain and FinTech solutions company focused on digital identity, integrated avatars, and the Metaverse, announces that it has launched its updated feature-rich Self Sovereign Identity App, Liquid Avatar, allowing individuals and applicable entities to manage and control the use of their own age and other personal identifiable information, where appropriate, identity, affiliations, and other information and personalized data digitally in a safe and secure platform based on open standards.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App is available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

#DID #metaverse

Ping to Target IAM Startups With New $50 Million Venture Fund

FindBiometrics. June 22, 2022

Ping Identity is creating a new venture capital fund to help drive innovation in the identity space. The newly launched Ping Ventures will operate under the direction of Anton Papp, Ping’s Head of Corporate Development, and will be entrusted with $50 million to invest in start-ups with strong growth potential.

According to Ping, the new venture fund will focus primarily on start-ups that are active in the Identity and Access Management market. That includes companies that are trying to prevent digital fraud, as well as companies that are engaged in identity verification and decentralized identity projects.


Polygon Launches Self-Sovereign Identity Solution Polygon ID with Integration with Polygon DAO

TokenInsight. June 23, 2022

Polygon announced the launch of Polygon ID, a self-sovereign identity solution powered by zero-knowledge technology, which has integrated with Polygon DAO. Polygon ID aims to put users in complete control of their digital identity, allowing them to prove specific aspects of their identity without revealing any personal information. With Polygon ID, DAOs can issue ecosystem-wide attestations about their members in a fully private and permissionless way and verify the attestations without collecting private information, trusting solely the ZK proof, and the source of trust (the issuer). Those attestations can then be used within governance to assist in decision making.

A press release by Polygon with the details of the technology.


Digital identity certification for right to work, right to rent and criminal record checks June 24, 2022

The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport publishes the Guidance on how digital identity providers can become certified to complete digital identity checks for the 'Right to Work', 'Right to Rent' and DBS schemes.

#regulation #UK

Mobile Driver’s Licence (mDL) & Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Comparison

INATBA. June 24, 2022

The identity working group of the International Association for the Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) discusses the differences between mDL and SSI approaches in details.


2 out of 3 European citizens welcome digital ID wallet

Security Magazine. June 28, 2022

The article discusses the findings of the new Thales survey of European citizens are looking forward to the arrival of an EU-backed Digital ID Wallet for storing their ID card, driving license and other official documents and signed attestations on a smartphone.

#survey #DID #wallet

Demystifying digital ID with KPMG in Canada’s Beyond cyber podcast

KPMG. June 28, 2022

The four-part audio series breaks new ground in corporate storytelling by featuring insights from KPMG in Canada partners weaved together with doses of suspense and real-life dramatizations of how digital ID will work in the future.

#podcast #DID #Canada

Trinsic Raises $8.5M for Decentralized Identity Platform

Trinsic. June 29, 2022

Trinsic, the leading infrastructure for building user-controlled identity products, announced today an $8.5M seed round led by Georgian with participation from Jon Gelsey (Founding CEO, Auth0), Frederic Kerrest (Executive Vice Chairman, Co-founder & COO, Okta), Kickstart Seed Fund, Founder’s Co-op, Osage Venture Partners, Forward VC, and a dozen additional angel investors. The round is the largest of its kind in the decentralized identity category to date.

#fundraising #DID

Deduce Partners With Ping Identity To Enable Frictionless Digital Identity Experiences

Martech360. June 30, 2022

Deduce announced a new integration with Ping Identity , the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, now listed on the Ping Identity Integration Directory. The partnership will allow Ping Identity users to prevent consumer-facing Account Takeover (ATO) and registration fraud via the constantly growing Deduce Identity Network—the most extensive real-time identity graph across cyber risk and fraud in the U.S. today with over 500M profiles and over 1.4B daily activities collected from a consortium of over 150,000 websites and applications.

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