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SSI Digest October 2022

Here's a round up of everything decentralized identity, digital identity and SSI for the month of October. Dive in and found out the latest news below

Digital right to work checks officially go live

Computer Weekly. October 3, 2022

Under the new government guidance, employers can choose between 16 certified identity service providers to digitally check their employees legal right to work in the UK.

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Self Sovereign Identity can do just fine, blockchain-less

EuroScientist. October 4, 2022

Sam Smith, creator of KERI or Key Event Receipt Infrastructure discovered that you do not need a blockchain or other shared database for an online identity or online identifiers. Basically all you need is a secret key that underlies your entire online identity, or: a public private key infrastructure resulting in a self-certifing identifier or SCID.


Best Decentralized Identity Solutions

G2. October 4, 2022

G2 is the software review website. It has 91 Listings in Decentralized Identity. To qualify for inclusion in the Decentralized Identity category, a product must:

Support the creation, management, and storage of digital identities and other verifiable credentials; Facilitate identity verification by validating credentials and performing risk evaluation; Be built using standard technologies including W3C-compliant decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials.

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Coming soon — a resume-validating blockchain network for job seekers

ComputerWorld. October 5, 2022

A foundation that includes several big-name software vendors and tech services has launched a self-sovereign identity service where workers can store verified credentials to use when applying for jobs. In turn, employers get instant access to verifiable credentials for hiring. An online resume-validating network has garnered support from than a dozen board members from companies whose ranks include Aon, Oracle, SAP, UKG, and ZipRecruiter with the aim of reducing the time and cost of vetting job candidates.

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Government considers centralising digital ID verification on myGov in wake of Optus breach

The Guardian. October 7, 2022

The Australian government is considering using myGov or its myGovID system to centralise digital identity authentication in the wake of the Optus data breach, but critics warn any single system could have its own cybersecurity weaknesses.

#Australia #cybersec #DID

Zero-knowledge KYC could solve the privacy vs compliance conundrum — VC partner

Cointelegraph. October 11, 2022

As the Web3 industry matures, zero-knowledge Know Your Customer (zkKYC) is becoming more widely discussed as a means to comply with strict financial regulations while maintaining user privacy.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, John Henderson, partner at Australian-based venture capital firm Airtree Ventures, said the successful implementation of a zkKYC system would be “great news for both regulators and consumers” and could increase cryptocurrency adoption.

#KYC #AML #web3

How does zero-knowledge proof authentication help create a portable digital identity solution?

Cointelegraph. October 14, 2022

This article provides a primer on zero-knowledge proofs, portable identity, problems in prevailing identity solutions, blockchain-based zero-knowledge proof powered portable identity solutions, trustless authentication and the process of creating password credentials.


Koreans to have access to blockchain-powered digital IDs by 2024

Cointelegraph. October 17, 2022

South Koreans could soon allow its citizens to use blockchain-based digital identification (ID) instead of physical cards as soon as 2024, as the nation further embraces blockchain technology.

According to a report from Bloomberg, a plan from the government will see digital IDs embedded as an app within mobile devices in the future, working in a similar fashion to physical resident registration cards.

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Aftermath Islands Metaverse replaces usernames and passwords with blockchain-based face recognition

Venturebeat. October 19, 2022

Aftermath Islands Metaverse launched its Liquid Avatar app to replace usernames and passwords with proof of humanity. That means that you will be able to sign into its metaverse apps by using verified face recognition on your smartphone instead of using a normal login.

The company is using blockchain-based verifiable credentials to prove who you are without requiring you to divulge sensitive government-issued identity or proof of a home address.

#DID #gaming #metaverse

Decentralized nation, solving the web identity crisis

Researchgate. October 20, 2022

In this whitepaper, we propose how artificial intelligence on blockchain can be used to generate a new class of identity through direct human computer interaction. We demonstrate how this, combined with new perspectives for sustaining community and governance embedded within the use of blockchain technology, will underpin a sustainable solution to protect identity, authorship and privacy at the same time while contributing to restore trust amongst members of a future decentralized nation and hence contribute to solving the web most significant identity crisis.

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DBS digital identity factsheet October 21, 2022

The updated Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) digital identity guidelines published by UK government.

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States Rolling Out Digital Identity Cards Promise User Privacy

Bloomberg Law. October 24, 2022

States launching digital versions of a driver’s license are championing the credentials as a way to keep personal information more private and secure, though nationwide adoption will depend on coalescing around a common standard for how the identification cards are built and used.

#USA #usecase #DID

EU Czech Presidency suggests new European digital ID guidelines

BiometricUpdate. October 25, 2022

The Czech Presidency of the European Union Council revealed a new compromise text last week to address issues blocking the European digital identity project.

The questions emerged at a debate at the ambassadors’ level, according to Euractiv, and are now addressed in the compromise, which was being discussed at the Telecom Working Party.

#EU #regulation #DID

JPMorgan Exploring Applications of Digital Identity

Blockworks. October 26, 2022

JPMorgan is exploring the idea of a digital wallet that would allow users to control their digital identity and assets across platforms, though the potential offering’s level of decentralization remains to be seen.

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Equifax, known for huge data breach, is building a Web3 KYC solution

Cointelegraph. October 27, 2022

Credit reporting company Equifax, known for suffering from one of the largest customer data breaches to date, has partnered with blockchain company Oasis Labs to build a Know Your Customer (KYC) solution.

#KYC #DID #web3

Self-sovereignty in the creator economy and Web3 — Is there room for both?

Cointelegraph. October 28, 2022

NFT Steez chats with Web3 advocate Julie Plavnik to discuss the concepts of self-sovereignty and digital identity in Web3-based creator economies.

#web3 #SSI #DID

Want to Protect Your Identity and Control Your Data? Here's How Digital Identity Wallets Make That Possible.

Entrepreneur. October 28, 2022

Decentralized technologies are the future of identity management. But why is this move to decentralized solutions happening, and why is it so important? It's simple: A decentralized, ultra-secure identity wallet can serve the dual purpose of protecting your identity from disaster and giving you unprecedented control over your personal data.


Indicio decentralized digital identity now available through Google partner program

Biometric Update. October 31, 2022

Open-source digital ID vendor Indicio says it is now certified to sell its products along with Google’s products. Now part of Google’s vendor partner program, Indicio executives say they will bring decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials to Google’s cloud customers.

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