Platform to build new relationships with a capsule technology

Truvity ensures safe and fast operations with data by using a unique way to store and process data - capsule engine
What are capsules?
Capsules are Truvity’s building blocks that enable information structuring and sharing to construct workflows, automate business and compliance processes.

Nesting system

As the workflow advances, so does the capsule, constantly growing into complex subcapsules.

Third-party providers integration

Define and automate identity information processes with a range of supported services.

Chained coordination technology

Incorporate complex structures and processes within your recorded workflow.
Developed with SSI-empowering tech
Discover the potential of verifiable credentials

Truvity is the key to fulfilling existing data needs and finding solutions for arising ones.

  • Enhance onboarding process with capsules
  • Acquire ready-made digital onboarding workflows for on the Capsules Marketplace
  • Request, access, collect, manage and analyse your client’s identity claims
  • Communicate and exchange documents with clients in a secure, fully encrypted environment
  • Perform identity checks and anti-money laundering checks (AML) via partners’ databases tools
  • Perform necessary document checks, translations, apostille,
    etc. fully digitally and remotely
  • Build data and workflow capsules and distribute them via the Capsules Marketplace
  • Allow subscription to capsules, enabling data owners and consumers to use them for a fee
  • Easily update capsules to keep up with current and upcoming regulations
  • Create and manage your digital identity
  • Visualize and update ownership structures, with changes reflected across multiple users
  • Share your identity data with other users on the platform
  • Monitor who you’ve shared identity data with
  • Subscribe to workflows and solutions available in the Capsules Marketplace
Capsules Marketplace
Capsules Marketplace is one of the key elements of Truvity. It connects data consumers looking for solutions and experts that design them.
Businesses can purchase capsules and subscribe to updates. This way you can enhance your workflows without having to build your own solution.

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