The internet has trust issues. Truvity is here to fix that

The leading solution for building decentralised identity relationships. Enabling companies to manage and control corporate identities, onboard new clients, and comply with regulations.

greater control over IDENTITY

Create, manage, share, verify and control digital corporate identity

On a mission to eliminate untrustworthy relationships between identity data owners, issuers and verifiers. Unlock the power of easy-to-deploy self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions for your company and accelerate your business relationships.

Create, process and organise identity data in one place

Truvity allows for the forming of complete digital identities for individuals or complex corporate vehicles. We make documents digital, machine-readable and part of your digital identity.

Build your custom workflows, so nothing gets forgotten

Construct digital workflows, checklists and consistent procedures for your team and external stakeholders.

Develop digital Identities for transactional relationships

Companies that follow strict regulatory requirements on a per-transactional basis can create, visualise and co-manage digital identities for transactions. Convert documentation into machine-readable data so you can optimise and simplify reporting.

Automate your compliance requests

Remove the risk of human error from compliance with a digital twin of your customer's physical wallet which lets you store, share and create tamper-proof credentials and documents.

Overcome industry constraints

True virtual identity belongs to you

Truvity is a next-generation digital trust management platform that helps individuals and institutions establish trust.


All information can be exported, re-used, verified on the blockchain and shared with partners or regulators.


Create lifelong digital relationships built on information that is reusable and instantly verifiable. The Truvity out-of-the-box builder will help your company create next-generation identity solutions with ease.


Use SSI in your custom workflows with our easy-to-implement drag-and-drop Capsule system. Reduce friction with the power of verifiable credentials and self-sovereign identity technology.


Making an impact in a wide variety of industries and sectors by building digital trust

Financial Services

  • Permanent reusable connections
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Reduced customer onboarding costs
  • Instant KYC/AML compliance


  • Fraud reduction
  • Improved sales
  • Reduced customer onboarding costs
  • Instant and automatic authentication

Human Resources

  • Manage and keep up-to-date all kinds of identity data
  • Workflow automation
  • Delegation and guardianship


  • Issue verifiable diplomas and certifications
  • Remove forgeries
  • Instantly verification and confirmation

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