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Enhance security, build trust, and achieve efficiency in business interactions with automated and verifiable credentials. Our API seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, enabling you to build and take advantage of powerful decentralized identity solutions.

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Instant trust
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Build the future of identity

Easily trust the information you receive and get it when you need it.

We remove the complexity of integrating new identity technologies and their benefits into your existing systems. Upgrade your paper-based data management systems and automate your business practices.

Full digital wallet and credential lifecycle management

Built on the latest standards you can issue, share, control and verify digital credentials. Store and manage these credentials in the digital wallet we provide both for individuals but more interestingly for companies too.


Seamless integration with existing systems

Integrate with existing organizational structures via OpenID Connect compatible identity providers like Auth0, Microsoft Entra and more.

Scalable, flexible and ready for eIDAS 2.0

Adding Truvity into your technology stack will provide you access to the new digital credentials exchange approaches propelled by eIDAS2.0 (ARF) and web3/web5 initiatives, as well as government-led person and organization identification services.

Automate your KYC/AML compliance

Build and automate existing compliance processes thanks to the powerful data management options now possible due to verifiable credential technology. Give instant access, create relevant tags and see clear audit trails.

Designed for developers

Build Faster: Easy Prototyping with Our Flexible Tools

Begin your journey today by taking advantage of our complimentary API access and exploring our interactive demo. Dive into our comprehensive documentation and detailed API reference to kickstart your project.

Industry demands built-in

Designed to keep you ahead of regulation

Truvity is a next-generation digital trust management platform, saving time and money by building an instantly verifiable future for businesses and institutions.


All information is built to W3C standards and can be exported, re-used, verified across platforms and systems, and shared with partners or regulators. Your data is yours: no vendor lock-in with Truvity.


Enable lifelong digital relationships built on reusable and instantly verifiable information. The Truvity toolkit is a next-generation identity solution for everyone.


Integrate verifiable credentials into your custom workflows and data collection with our easy-to-implement, drag-and-drop Capsule system.


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Explore Truvity, or create an account and instantly start building. You can also contact us to ask any technical questions.