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Build the future of identity

Create, manage, share, verify, and control digital identity

Ours is a mission to create a future of trust and security between digital identity issuers, holders, and verifiers. Explore the future of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with our easy-to-deploy toolkit designed with developers in mind.

Create, process, and organise identity data in one place

Truvity allows for the forming of complete digital identities for individuals or complex corporate vehicles. We make documents digital, machine-readable and part of your digital identity.


Seamless integration with existing systems

The SDK is designed to be compatible with a wide range of open standards and environments, making it easy to integrate with existing systems and reducing the need for costly customizations.

Scalable and flexible

Our SSI solution is built to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it easy for organizations to scale their operations as they grow without encountering compatibility issues.

Automate your KYC/AML compliance

Truvity’s architecture was designed with GDPR, eIDAS 2.0, and KYC/AML demands in mind, and adheres to the latest security standards, ensuring that sensitive data remains protected.

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Hands-on SSI

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Designed for developers

Save time and money with a powerful, easy-to-use API

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Industry demands built-in

Designed to keep you ahead of regulation

Truvity is a next-generation digital trust management platform, saving time and money by building an instantly verifiable future for businesses and institutions.


All information is built to W3C standards and can be exported, re-used, verified across platforms and systems, and shared with partners or regulators. Your data is yours: no vendor lock-in with Truvity.


Enable lifelong digital relationships built on reusable and instantly verifiable information. The Truvity toolkit is a next-generation identity solution for everyone.


Integrate verifiable credentials into your custom workflows and data collection with our easy-to-implement, drag-and-drop Capsule system.

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Making an impact across a wide variety of industries by building digital trust

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