About Truvity
About Truvity

Setting a new paradigm for self-sovereign digital identity management


We're creating a more open world, where efficiency, control, and self-governance are the key to success. Our user-governed platform enables companies across the world to improve corporate governance, comply with regulations, and work with more clients. Putting privacy, autonomy and power back into the hands of the users.

Truvity is the key to fulfilling existing business data needs and finding solutions for arising ones.

Konstantin Mashukov
Founder and CEO

The internet was built without a layer of trust, making building relationships and doing business more difficult than it should be. The current status quo is that we need to continually prove who we are and have our personal information stored in these huge data honeypots ripe for exploitation. This leads to inefficiencies like data loss and multiplication, resale, and cyber-attacks. We aren’t fixing the current state of things but creating a new layer for identity management and digital trust by setting a new paradigm for self-sovereign digital identity management. Helping corporate individuals and institutions establish trust and conduct business irrespective of regulatory regimes.

Since fully starting on this mission in 2021 we’ve managed to bring together some of the brightest minds in fintech, cryptography and regtech from across the world. Truvity is more than a regulatory technology and onboarding tool – it is a range of solutions that helps companies improve self-governance, manage workflows,  stay in full control of their digital profiles and roll out their own distributed infrastructure for digital identity management.

Welcome to Truvity, where we believe in the power of trust and its potential to shape the digital world. Our story is driven by a deep understanding of the importance of trust in every aspect of our lives.
At Truvity, we are on a mission to redefine how trust is established, making it instantaneous and reliable. We understand that the internet was built without a solid layer of trust, creating challenges in building relationships and conducting business.

The current state of affairs requires constant verification of identities and storing personal information in vulnerable data repositories, leaving room for data loss, exploitation, and cyber-attacks. Instead of merely fixing the existing system, we are forging a new path in identity management and digital trust, introducing a paradigm shift towards self-sovereign digital identity management. Our goal is to empower individuals and companies to establish trust and conduct business more simply.

To seize this tremendous opportunity, Truvity provides the essential glue for digital transformation. Through our Truvity Platform, we offer simple APIs that simplify the complexity of digital wallets, enabling seamless document exchange and fact verification. By integrating our API, you can confidently engage in trusted document exchange with your clients and counterparties, eliminating the need for manual verifications and streamlining your processes. With the increasing adoption of digital wallets, enriched by various institutions, all the necessary documents and facts become readily accessible, empowering organizations to serve their customers with confidence.

Since our inception in 2021, we have assembled a team of brilliant minds in fintech, cryptography, and regtech from around the world. Together, we are revolutionizing trust and embarking on a transformative journey of digital empowerment. Join us at Truvity as we shape a future where trust is instant, seamless, and integral to every interaction. Let's revolutionize the way trust is established and transform the digital landscape.

Leadership team

True tech talents for future of online trust

Konstantin Mashukov

Konstantin Mashukov


As CEO, Konstantin leads Truvity’s strategic direction. Prior to Truvity, Konstantin worked as a consultant and analyst on "high load" (high-demand mass internet services) projects.

Oleg Tsarev

Oleg Tsarev

VP of Engineering

Prior to Truvity, Oleg worked on performance optimisation of a drop-in replacement for enterprise databases (MS SQL/Oracle/SyBase), RDBMS "QD" and in Percona as MySQL consultant focused primarily on writing patches for replication.

George Fisher-Wilson

George Fisher-Wilson

Head of Marketing

A communications and marketing professional with experience scaling teams from 0 to double digits and within companies experiencing rapid growth. Previously building brands from scratch for both 3D Hubs (exited) and Techleap.nl whilst consulting series A+ startups across the industry.

OUR values

As a company spread across continents it is key that everyone feels informed and open. Not only do we need to keep up with our fast-moving industry of SSI and digital identity but also more importantly with each other. That is why almost all of our processes are fully documented, knowledge democratised and company goals made clear.


We’re all experts at Truvity, with a hunger to learn, grow and make an impact. With no central office, we don’t look over people’s shoulders to monitor them, we trust in their autonomy and intrinsic motivation. 

Growth Mindset

We’re all here to learn and grow. Sometimes things work out great and sometimes they don’t, but as long as we’re learning we’re moving forward. People with a growth mindset embrace challenges, hoping to develop their skillset in the process. 


For us, integrity means being truthful and honest in everything we do. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we don’t shy away from them. We must be candid and open with our feedback to each other at every level of the organisation without ego.


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