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We're flipping the way people prove who they are upside down. Build with us a new way to do business.

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About us


As a company spread across continents it is key that everyone feels informed and open. That is why almost all of our processes are fully documented, knowledge democratised and company goals made clear.


We’re all experts at Truvity with a hunger to learn, grow and make an impact. With no central office, we don’t look over people’s shoulders to monitor them, we trust in their autonomy and intrinsic motivation.


For us that means being truthful and honest in everything we do. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices we don’t shy away from them. We must be candid and open with our feedback to each other at every level of the organisation without ego. 

Growth Mindset

We’re all here to learn and grow. Sometimes things work out great and sometimes they don’t but as long as we are learning we’re moving forward. People with a growth mindset embrace challenges, hoping to develop their skillset in the process.


Work on the cutting-edge of technology
Your input is valued, direct influence on the business, processes and direction
Work from anywhere, from a mountain top to a beach
Work on a solution making the world a better and more connected place
Startup culture without the unclear structure
No egos allowed
Learning environment, with opportunities for personal growth
International team

Build the future of identity

See Truvity's open positions

Testimonials from our team

Frontend Developer

There are two main things I enjoy about working at Truvity: the people and challenges that lead me to self-development. I’m surrounded by highly talented and supportive specialists working on sometimes difficult problems. Which means I’m always learning and growing.

Head of Marketing

I really appreciate the way in which I can participate on all levels of the decision making process. Everyone’s expertise is respected and at the same time everyone’s open to learning.

Quality Engineer

We work on the cutting edge in everything we do, from our technology to the new industry of digital trust. This means I can see the real impact of the decisions I make, knowing I'm supported by a team of qualified engineers who value quality.

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