eIDAS 2.0 is here, is your business ready?

Preparing for any regulatory shift can be daunting. So we’re here to help by demystifying the EU’s new digital identity program with thorough guides, use case examples, and how to prepare for streamlined onboarding and simple compliance.

eIDAS 2.0
Prepare for the next generation of business relationships

eIDAS 2.0 is here to help businesses build connections, onboard customers, and be compliant without the struggle of costly processes

The goal of the regulation is to simplify and make more secure the way we all digitally talk to each other. By creating a system where every business and customer has a single secure and verifiable identity, we can build confidence that everyone is who they claim to be. This allows for seamless and instant onboarding, the security of legally binding documents, and the simplicity of never having to guess where a digital asset or credential is.

eIDAS 2.0 timeline

As the regulation rolls out in the coming months and years, our digital lives will all change for the better. We’ve built some useful resources for you to go fully in-depth on all the details on implementation, use cases, and technology, or simple overviews of how businesses are getting ready to apply eIDAS principles to their unique needs.

eIDAS 2.0 Resources and Guides

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The impact of eIDAS 2.0 across industries

eIDAS 2.0 and DeFi 

eIDAS 2.0 will streamline the user experience of DeFi platforms and instruments

How will this help me?

You’ll have one secure identity for creating, accessing, and managing your accounts, as well as storing your banking and debit information

What problem does this solve?

You won’t have to manage a million accounts with different sign-on passwords and authenticators, everything will be shared through this single identity

eIDAS 2.0
eIDAS 2.0 and KYC/AML

eIDAS 2.0 will revolutionise the onboarding and KYC/AML compliance of customers across Europe

How will this help me?

Banking and financial service accounts will all be linked to the single, state-assigned ID for each customer, making for simple and instant identity verification and prevents fraud, while making the audit process quick and easy

What problem does this solve?

Identity theft is one of the main drivers of fraud. By making it virtually impossible to create multiple accounts from a single identity, the possibility of fraud is significantly reduced, and regulatory compliance is guaranteed

eIDAS 2.0
eIDAS 2.0 and Digital Payments

eIDAS 2.0 will enable seamless payment processing and verification across EU borders

How will this help me?

Your banking and payment information will be linked to a single identity recognized across the EU, eliminating the need to create multiple accounts 

What problem does this solve?

You won’t have to create accounts and input your payment information for every new website, making payment quick and easy, and protecting against data breaches

eIDAS 2.0
eIDAS 2.0 and Healthcare

eIDAS 2.0 will enable healthcare providers across the EU to instantly share and access patient records

How will this help me?

Where you are within the EU, you will be able to retrieve your prescriptions, and if you need emergency medical care, your medical history will be instantly available to ensure the best possible care

What problem does this solve?

Every hospital currently has its own system for patient record keeping, and this can make the sharing of critical information from one country to another very labour intensive and slow

eIDAS 2.0
eIDAS 2.0eIDAS 2.0eIDAS 2.0eIDAS 2.0
Truvity makes eIDAS 2.0 simple

Our API is designed with eIDAS 2.0 in mind, so you can save time with an out-of-the-box solution

eIDAS 2.0 ready

Truvity is designed to be compatible with a wide range of different protocols and standards, depending on your business needs. Among the options for credentials and exchange requests services is OpenID4VP, allowing full compatibility with eIDAS 2.0 and the EU Digital Identity Wallet.

Built for developers

Our easy-to-deploy API and minimal codebase is designed to make compliance accessible to all levels of developers. Through robust architecture development, supported by extensive documentation, the ease of implementation is our priority. 

A Scalable API for all needs

Truvity's proprietary use of graph database technology built within and hosted by S3’s DynamoDB enables the development of a complete digital identity for individuals or corporate vehicles with the highest degrees of complexity in ownership structures.

Verifiable Credentials

Build encrypted DID connections based on W3C standards which meet all regulatory demands, from GDPR to upcoming eIDAS 2.0 standards. Issue credentials securely and privately with the ability to be instantly verified.

The new Digital Clean Room

The Digital Clean Room concept emphasizes enhanced security and compliance by creating a secured environment where data integrity is paramount. It ensures data is stored with the highest protection levels, meeting stringent security standards and regulatory compliance

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