Unify and simplify HR processes with Truvity

An effective HR department needs to manage not just identity and financial documents, but also complex immigration or relocation processes. Let Truvity do the technical heavy lifting so your department can stay agile and responsive.

Unify onboarding procedures

Design a simple and powerful onboarding process that ensures smooth personnel management

Reduce multi-platform costs

Request, access, collect, manage and analyse employee identity documents in moments, a streamlined database alternative

Manage sensitive data securely

Communicate and exchange banking and identity documents with in a secure, fully encrypted environment

Adapt to new regulation

Built to address all current and future regulatory and personnel demands, use a platform that grows with you and adapts to your needs


Managing people is complex, but Truvity isn’t

Address the issues and barriers which impact HR effectiveness by building a single platform to manage a wide range of documents from multiple sources. When managed by Truvity, all documents and credentials you need are all instantly available in one place.

A wallet for each employee

With just a few clicks, each employee gets their own wallet for all their documents.

Store, issue, and verify documents

Documents no longer need to be chased down, manually handled, or spread across multiple systems, they can be accessed and issued at any time.

eIDAS 2.0 ready

Integrate existing eIDAS identities with your existing workflow, or create new and compliant identities with ease.

A paperless future for HR

Once a certified digital document is created, it will be kept secure and infinitely reusable, no need for the re-certification of paper documents.

A modular platform built for you

Truvity scales with the size of your department. Add as much, or as little, functionality to your dashboard as needed.


Ready to get started?

Explore Truvity, or create an account and instantly start building. You can also contact us to ask any technical questions.