Next-generation trust for next-generation platforms

Your goal is to provide the future of finance: universal trust, paperless and instantly verifiable documents and identity, manage flexible and diverse instruments, and more. Deliver on the promises of DeFi with Truvity.

Instant truth

Documents and exchanges stored on our SSI platform are machine-readable, enabling instant truth and security

Fraud-proof platform

Design a simple and powerful wallet and KYC process that protects your platform from fraud

Simple and secure

All exchanges are instantly recallable and verifiable in a secure, fully encrypted environment

Adapt to new regulation

Built to address all current and future regulatory demands, use a platform that grows with you


A future-forward finance platform deserves a future-proof API

Self-Sovereign Identity technology compliments the core principles of DeFi: instant trust, full transparency, fraud-proof, and simple for clients to use. The Truvity API makes this future a possibility, built by and for developers looking into the future.

Simple and customisable wallets

Set up Truvity to automatically generate a wide range of unique wallets to store and verify all kinds of identification, exchanges, and more.

Store and verify DeFi exchanges, coins, and identities instantly

Deliver on the promise of a paperless, secure, and instant financial services platform, all documents and exchanges can be accessed and verified at any time.

eIDAS 2.0 ready

Integrate existing eIDAS identities with your existing workflow, or create new and compliant identities with ease.

Instant verification and trust

Once an exchange is integrated, it will be kept secure and infinitely recallable and verifiable, ensuring complete transparency.

A modular platform built for you

Truvity scales with the ambition of your platform. Add as much, or as little, functionality to your dashboard as desired.


Ready to get started?

Explore Truvity, or create an account and instantly start building. You can also contact us to ask any technical questions.