The future of KYC/AML best practices is here

KYC is the first and last defense against the burden of fraud and strict regulatory demands that the financial sector faces. Build a platform designed to grow with the ever-growing regulatory landscape. Simplify and future-proof your department with Truvity.

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Fraud and AML protection

Design a simple and powerful onboarding process that protects your firm from fraud and prepares you for audit

Instant identity verification

Request, access, collect, manage and analyse client identity claims, the first step in AML protection

Simple auditability

Manage and share KYC documents with regulatory bodies in a secure, fully encrypted environment

Adapt to new regulation

Built to address all current and future regulatory demands, use a platform that grows with you

Build the future of KYC

The best offence against fraud is a strong defence

When each customer has their own wallet, the burden of proof under a regulatory audit becomes simple. When a customer submits their identity documents for verification, they can be stored and recalled at any time. Simplifying and expediating not just the customer’s experience, but your KYC department’s as well.

truvity financial services and KYC

A wallet for each customer

Set up Truvity to automatically generate a unique wallet to store and verify all their documents.

Store, issue, and verify documents

Documents no longer need to be chased down, manually handled, or spread across multiple systems, they can be accessed and issued at any time.

eIDAS 2.0 ready

Integrate existing eIDAS identities with your existing workflow, or create new and compliant identities with ease.

A paperless future for KYC

Once a certified digital document is created, it will be kept secure and infinitely reusable, no need for the re-certification of paper documents.

A modular platform built for you

Truvity scales with the size of your department. Add as much, or as little, functionality to your dashboard as needed.

Truvity is built for you

Making an impact across a wide variety of industries by building digital trust

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