Build digital trust with self-sovereign identity

Spend time on what matters and automate 
your business workflows.

Decentralised digital Identity management

Start using the future of identity today without the heavy lifting

Truvity offers companies, developers and identity experts the opportunity to fully discover and adopt the power of SSI in their businesses and applications. Our cutting-edge, managed API platform converts the complexity of this new technology into a simple end-user platform. Complex SSI mechanics and basic SSI primitives enable developers to innovate by combining and configuring basic building blocks without spending their time grasping a deep understanding of SSI theory.

Identity Owners

Their decentralised digital identities as sets of verifiable credentials

Identity Data Consumers

Various in-house systems

Their decentralised digital identities assets of verifiable credentials


At the core of Truvity lies a database solution designed in-house - a key infrastructure component for the whole platform. It provides data schemas and modelling power to manage digital identities and their relationships within the platform


We make it easy for you to adopt and integrate SSI

Verifiable Credentials

Build encrypted DID connections based on W3C standards with all manners of users and use cases. Issue credentials securely and privately with the ability to be instantly verified.

SSI Toolkit and Developer Tools

Utilise our fleet of API’s and SDK’s to make SSI work for you. We provide everything you need to get started on your own next-generation identity technology, with a system that prioritizes it’s builders first.

Digital Wallet

An easy-to-set up wallet for both individuals and companies; manage credentials with ease and store them securely, making for the seamless exchanges of information when needed.

SSI Widget

A simple component that is easily incorporated into any website or product. The widget provides two basic functionalities: It renders a capsule to an application form anywhere data inception is needed. It lets the Digital Wallet owner share information via automatic request. In short, choose a capsule, place the widget code and begin processing customer docs and onboarding.

Capsule Engine

Creating and collecting verifiable credentials is effortless with our drag-and-drop online forms. Encapsulating anything from single documents to complex sets of multiple interconnected documents and data fields. Connected instantly to your digital wallet, enabling automation and standardisation amongst the regulatory chaos.


Give your customers the ability to securely build and store verifiable credentials for complex digital identities or corporate vehicles

Customer-centric KYC/KYB

Keep up-to-date information on your customers for compliance, monitoring and general CRM purposes without the burdens and inconvenience of chasing clients. Creating better customer relationships and making KYC/KYB a seamless and automated process.

Individual and business identities

Truvity's proprietary use of graph database technology enables development of a complete digital identity of individuals or corporate vehicles with the highest degrees of complexity in ownership structures and business links.

Secure and Reliable

Every stored credential is equipped with a "digital watermark": a set of cryptographic signatures and metadata required for such document verification.


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