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Utilise the benefits of machine-readable documents, secure verification, immutable data, and future-forward stardards.

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Credentials, certifications, and identity aren’t just documents, they are verifiable facts

With Truvity's self-sovereign identity API, developers of all skill levels no longer need to worry about the weeks or months-long process of building a database infrastructure that is not just functional, but also compliant with GDPR and other security standards. Its modular, drag-and-drop process is adaptable to your company’s needs and guarantees regulatory future-proofing for your data security.

Build your SSI Triangle of Trust with Truvity

The core of Truvity is a database solution designed around establishing the triangle of trust at the core of SSI technology. The architecture is a federated model utilising AWS DynamoDB, compliant with W3C standards for straightforward use and implementation.  

Developer-forward focus

Adopt and integrate SSI with an SDK built by and for developers

Verifiable Credentials

Build encrypted DID connections based on W3C standards which meet all regulatory demands, from GDPR to upcoming eIDAS 2.0 standards. Issue credentials securely and privately with the ability to be instantly verified.

Built for developers

Our proprietary API is designed to make SSI accessible to all levels of developers. Through robust architecture development, supported by extensive documentation, the ease of implementation is our priority. 

A Scalable API for all needs

Truvity's proprietary use of graph database technology built within and hosted by AWS DynamoDB enables the development of a complete digital identity for individuals or corporate vehicles with the highest degrees of complexity in ownership structures.

SSI workflows streamlined

Be guided through the SSI workflows through the Create Entity service so developers can easily create a new Entity to act like as an identity Issuer, Holder, or Verifier. Manage, access, or verify the Entities, create and assign them Wallets, distribute VCs between them, all within an easily auditable platform conscious of the best practices and standards of SSI. 

A modular API

Creating and collecting verifiable credentials is made effortless with integrated drag-and-drop online forms. VCs can range from single documents to complex sets of multiple interconnected documents and data fields. These are instantly linked to a digital wallet, enabling automation and standardisation amongst the regulatory chaos.

Simplify and add security

Develop your own infrastructure to securely build and store verifiable credentials for complex digital identities or corporate vehicles

Audit VCs with ease

Keep verified information on your customers for compliance, monitoring, and general CRM purposes without the inconvenience of demanding clients’ time. Develop better customer relationships by making KYC/KYB a seamless and automated process.

Digital Wallet management

Wallets are easy-to-set up for both individuals and companies; manage credentials with ease and store them securely, ensuring access and distribution of fraud-proof credentials with an easily scalable platform.

Generate reliable and secure keys

Every credential is equipped with a "digital watermark": a set of cryptographic signatures and metadata required for such document verification. Keys are generated and kept locally and securely, so you control your security independently.

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