Make instant trust a reality and document exchange simple with the Truvity API

Streamline business operations through machine-readable documents, secure verification, immutable data, and future-forward standards.

Unlock the power of VCs

Verifiable Credentials provide next-generation standards, security, and data immutability

Instant, trusted transfers

Your wallets offer the convenience of instant VC transfers while preserving privacy

A complete API framework

Easy-to-deploy and customizable, Truvity is built to meet your business needs

Unify your data under next-generation standards

Make your data error-proof by removing the human element. Machine readability, automated verification, and immutability are here.

The core of Truvity is its lightweight, scalable API designed to make document verification, storage, and exchange simple. It functions as a centralised repository for a business's digital data and credentials through the use of VCs. These are built on next-generation transfer and verification protocols, such as the W3C VC Data Model 2.0 and DIDCOMM, which allows for secure verification, data integrity checks, and built-in encryption standards not necessarily used by traditional means of data creation and P2P exchange.

Our API is designed to provide the perfect mix of an easy-to-deploy cloud platform that integrates easily with your existing infrastructure, so no IT team needs to worry about the labour-intensive process of building a framework compliant with regulatory standards like GDPR and eIDAS 2.0. The concerns of data audits or redundancy are a thing of the past.

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Simplify and add security

Develop your own infrastructure to securely build and store data, assets, and credentials for complex digital identities or legally-binding interactions

Onboard and audit with ease

Keep verified information on your customers for compliance, monitoring, easy auditability as our architecture is append-only by design. Changes are never lost, and all data histories are saved. Develop better customer relationships by making KYC/KYB a seamless and automated process.

Digital Wallet management

Wallets are quick and simple to set up for both individuals and companies; manage credentials and data with ease and store them securely, ensuring access and distribution of fraud-proof and legally-binding credentials within an easily scalable, on-premise SLA framework.

Flexible data integration

Integrate with your existing Identity Provider and storage infrastructure. Add Truvity to your existing admin panel, no need to add any further complexity. Truvity exists to augment your existing storage solution, allowing full control of your data with an SSI-compatible layer of tools on top.

Technologies that Truvity is pushing forward

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Developer-forward focus

Deploy an identity layer for your business with an API built by and for developers

Verifiable Credentials

Build encrypted DID connections based on W3C standards, which meet all regulatory demands, from GDPR to eIDAS 2.0.

Built for developers

You can deploy our platform in Java, Python, TypeScript, GO, and more, so you can immediately put your team’s strengths to work.

A comprehensive framework

Through robust architecture development, supported by extensive documentation, ease of implementation and deployment is our priority. 

Data workflows streamlined

The architecture is a HIIPA-grade, cloud-native model utilising AWS DynamoDB, compliant with W3C standards for straightforward use and implementation. 

Detailed access management

Define and integrate permissions with existing IDP service providers like Auth0, Microsoft Entra, Google GSuite, and more. 

On-premise operations

Deploy and operate Truvity as an on-premise solution. Internally manage and control your Service-Level Agreement.

Security through automation

Tags allow for secure access permissions to be defined, and can be automatically assigned to a document upon inception through machine-readable identifiers. 

A modular API

Build only the infrastructure you need around the features and scale you require, meet the exact needs of our organisation. 


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