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SSI Digest April 2022

The latest on SSI and Decentralized Identity - April 2022

Why Identity Verification and Fraud Protection Are Key to Alternative Payments’ Growth March 28, 2022

The pandemic-driven digital shift prompted many consumers to try new payment alternatives when shopping online, including mobile wallets and budget-friendly buy now pay later (BNPL) methods. Enabling these capabilities promises significant growth, but digital identity verification has become increasingly critical as alternative payments’ popularity extends to fraudsters as well. This means that seizing this opportunity will require merchants to bulk up with robust fraud protection in advance.

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Avast acquires second blockchain decentralized identity provider SecureKey

Ledger Insights. March 24, 2022

A cybersecurity firm Avast which has 435 million users, announced it acquired Canadian blockchain identity provider SecureKey. Just four months ago, Avast bought self-sovereign identity provider Evernym. The two identity startups share some elements of common technology. While terms of the deal were not announced, it plans to close the SecureKey transaction this April.


Triall, Crucial Data Solutions to offer blockchain-driven eClinical platform

Clinical Trials Arena. March 25, 2022

Triall has collaborated with eClinical software provider Crucial Data Solutions (CDS) for a blockchain-powered first end-to-end eClinical Platform. The platform encompasses all fundamental clinical trial functions in order to improve the integrity, auditability, and interoperability of data in the worldwide clinical trials industry. The solutions will use blockchain to produce proof of the integrity of trial data, documents, and processes that are verifiable. Furthermore, to enable interoperability across trial systems and activities, Triall uses decentralized identity technologies and self-sovereign identity (SSI) standards.

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Why DeFi Isn't As Anonymous As You Think, But Definitely Becoming More Private As Web3 Evolves

CryptoNews. March 28, 2022

Despite the hype, a lack of privacy has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for the evolving DeFi sector. By design, blockchain records all transactions on distributed ledgers. These records are immutable and can be accessed by anyone. While most of the user’s details remain private, it is still possible to identify transactions and trace them back to users, implying that DeFi isn’t quite as anonymous as previously thought.

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Hypernet Labs Scales Identify Verification and NFT Minting

The New Stack. March 28, 2022

Decentralized applications (dApps) with a financial component need to integrate some level of know-your-customer (KYC) verification to stay in compliance with legal requirements in many jurisdictions around the world. Many applications are implementing a KYC flow that effectively means end-users need to verify their identity with each app they interact with. Hypernet Labs is attempting to streamline this verification process by providing a KYC flow that happens once but can be verified by any dApp.


Web3 digital identity startup Unstoppable Domains said to seek funding at $1 billion valuation

TechCrunch. March 22, 2022

Unstoppable Domains, a popular blockchain naming system provider, is putting together a funding round at a valuation of $1 billion. The company allows people to create their username for crypto and build decentralized digital identities. Having a domain name allows users to not bother with sharing their meaninglessly long wallet addresses with friends and businesses. The startup has amassed over 240,000 customers and posted a revenue of $53 million last year.


A call for proposals for EU action grants in the field of Accelerating best use of technologies under the Digital Europe Programme

European Commission. February 15, 2022

The call is managed by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and covers the following topics:

1) deployment of services,

2) blockchain standardization,

3) support to the implementation of the European Digital Identity Framework and the implementation of the Once Only System under the Single Digital Gateway,

4) enabling the final validation and fostering the uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for law enforcement.

#DID #regulation

An analysis of EU digital identity architecture and reference framework

Avast. March 4, 2022

Avast team has analyzes the European Digital Identity Architecture and Reference Framework, which gives a lot of information about the EUDI Wallet. Importantly it also creates the high-level specification for the surrounding ecosystem that will be required to support the EUDI wallet.

#DID #architecture #study

Polygon and Credix work with Centre on decentralized identity protocol

Finextra. March 31, 2022

Centre is the consortium founded by Circle Internet Financial, LLC and Coinbase to serve as a network governing and standard-setting body for blockchain-based financial services. It has added Polygon, the leading full-stack scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, and Credix, the institutional private credit marketplace on Solana to its list of partners collaborating on its decentralized identity solution, Verite.

Polygon intends to incorporate Verite’s standards into its recently announced offering, Polygon ID — a new self-sovereign, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) identity service designed for users to verify their credentials and identity without revealing any personal information.


Buenos Aires to Create Digital Identity Platform

Coindesk. March 31, 2022

Buenos Aires, Argentina, has begun work on a blockchain-based digital identity platform with the aim of giving the city's residents control over their personal data. The platform will be decentralized, public, and non-permissioned. It will be available for use by any organization, government administration, or company wishing to mint verifiable identities, without needing the approval of the city.


Self-Sovereign Identity Solution for Blockchain-Based Land Registry System: A Comparison

Hindawi. April 4, 2022

The paper reviews the existing SSI solutions, evaluates them based on the SSI principles, and comes up with the best possible SSI solution for a blockchain-based land registry system. It further provides a detailed investigation of each SSI solution to present its functionalities and limitations for further improvement.

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DID Conference Korea 2022 Recap – Identity Proofing, Passwordless Sign-in and User-friendly Digital Identity

IdRamp. April 2022

A conference session discussing the technical and business obstacles that exist in self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials and how finding a way to bring products out of the pilot and POC phase helps adoption happen sooner and faster. Key points included are DID orchestration, interoperability, and governance.


European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) Verifiable Credentials Playbook

European Commission. March 31, 2022

Building on the W3C's Verifiable Credentials (VC), the GDPR, and other relevant EU Regulations, EBSI aims to create a generic profile for the full life-cycle of verifiable credentials and presentations for use cases that involve VCs (not exclusive). The document summarises the technical standards, specifications, and decisions that were accepted in order to meet the business requirements of the Use Cases.

#VC #GDPR #regulation

Decentralized identity startup Spruce wants to help users control their sign-in data

TechCrunch. April 20, 2022

Spruce, a decentralized identity startup, won an RFP from the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to develop a standardized “sign-in with Ethereum” feature that could be interoperable with web2 identity systems. The goal of allowing users to log in using a cryptographic identifier such as their Ethereum wallet address is to let them control what information a platform receives about them when they sign in rather than automatically surrendering the data to the platform.

Spruce offers two main products — SpruceID, a decentralized identity toolkit, and Kepler, a self-sovereign storage product. The company just announced it has closed a $34 million Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz.

#DID #privacy #SSI

Fujitsu declares success in trial of self-sovereign ID for students with university

Biometric Update. April 15,2022

Fujitsu and the Keio Research Institute at SFC have finished a month-long trial of a self-sovereign digital identity for students that allows a wide range of identity-related services outside of education.


Solving the public-sector identity crisis: It’s time for governments to get serious about digital identities

Deloitte Canada. April 15, 2022.

Deloitte Canada discusses the rise of digital citizen services and the associated challenges. The company names SSI as "a powerful contender for future digital-identity infrastructure" and points out that governments need to create a solid governance framework while cooperating with the private sector to build a secure, user-friendly, and modern citizen identity and data management infrastructure that’s economically sustainable.

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Central Bank Digital Identity

Forbes. April 17, 2022

The article analyses the recent report by The British Parliament’s House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on a British central bank digital currency (CBDC). The author discusses the reasons why the UK may need some sort of "Britcoin", or an alternative to simply regulate private digital currency effectively.

"To get the digital currency we need, we must get the digital identity that we need": one of the article's key points is that working out how a digital ID will work and its relationship to CBDC is an obvious priority (and not only in the UK).

#DID #regulation #UK

Biden urged to consider federal digital identity framework

Biometric Update. April 18,2022

United States President Joe Biden has been advised to consider putting in place a nationwide digital identity framework as one of four proposed measures experts believe will help fight identity theft in the country. The other proposals include accelerating and further supporting the issuance of mobile driver’s licenses, provision of direct assistance to victims of identity theft, and the establishment of identity attribute validation services.

#DID #regulation #US

The Binding Problem For SSI And NFTs

IOTA News. April 26, 2022

Proving the link between a digital identity or NFT and what it represents is an important step to be aware of when using SSI or NFT technologies. This blog post explores the challenge, different types of identities and how they might solve the binding problem.


Indicio raises $3.5M to scale up decentralized digital ID services

Biometric Update. April 26, 2022

Seattle-based Indicio has secured $3.5 million from a fundraiser led by investment company Hard Yaka, to advance the adoption of its decentralized digital ID technology across industry verticals with steady focus on the finance, healthcare and travel sectors.

#DID #fundraise

Building a Swiss Digital Trust Ecosystem – Perspectives around an e-ID ecosystem in Switzerland

digitalswitzerland. April 28, 2022

The whitepaper intended to serve as an initial contribution to the ongoing meta-level debate about the development of the e-ID ecosystem in Switzerland. As this field continues to evolve, the document can be understood as an early expert perspective that reflects the views of private sector organizations and academic institutions.

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Buenos Aires to Launch Blockchain-Based Digital Identity Platform

Coinspeaker. April 1, 2022

Buenos Aires has revealed its plans to create a self-sovereign digital identity platform, which according to a city official, will be available by early 2023. The development follows the city’s commitment to give its residents control over their personal data.

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France announces user-controlled mobile digital identity app for use with national ID

Biometric Update. April 28, 2022

France announces a new system for proving digital identity via a smartphone. The app will authenticate a person’s identity for accessing both public and private-sector services and use the smartphone’s NFC reader to scan users’ biometric identity cards. The application allows the user, in particular, to generate electronic certificates comprising only the identity attributes which he considers necessary to transmit to third parties of his choice.

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A manifesto to accelerate the adoption of the European digital identity

TakeToNews. April 27, 2022

21 organizations (companies, universities, etc.) came together to sign a manifesto. The objective is to propose European cooperation on self-sovereign digital identity. These entities wish to take advantage of the French presidency of the European Union, which will end on June 30, so that France can make progress on the potential revision of the eIDAS regulation.

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