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SSI Digest, April 2023

Here's a round up of everything decentralized identity, digital identity and SSI for the month of April. Dive in and found out the latest news below

My phone, my credit card, my hacker, and me

Business Insider. April 2, 2023

“Verizon, Chase, the police — they were all useless when my identity got hacked. Then Psycho Bunny came to the rescue.” The story of gaining control of a phone by a hacker who ripped his victim off for $10,000. The scam turned out to be brilliant — and terrifying.

#story #cybersec #DID

National digital identity is ‘extremely urgent,’ says Swedish government inquiry

Biometric Update. April 3, 2023

A Swedish government inquiry into the digitalization of payments issued a report, recommending that the state launches its own digital identity as soon as possible.

#Sweden #DID

World Economic Forum panel pushes for blockchain-based decentralized digital ID

Biometric Update. April 3, 2023

The Digital Identity Initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been discussing the possibilities of agreeing on an international policy and standards framework that will serve as the springboard to enhance the adoption of digital ID systems that put privacy at the top of all major priorities.

#DID #regulation #WEF

2023 – the year of the digital ID wallet

Finextra. April 4, 2023

Across the globe, we are seeing country after country making digital ID a primary option for consumers (and businesses) to access both public and private sector services. The ecosystem to allow this is now established in most places and growing at a rapid pace, and digital ID wallets have emerged this year as the preferred method of storing, securing and managing digital IDs. 2023 has very quickly become the ‘year of the wallet’ in the story of digital ID evolution.

#wallet #DID #OIX

Web3 digital identity is here to stay, but it has a long way to go

Cointelegraph. April 4, 2023

The article discusses how Web3-based digital identity solutions empower users, what the future of digital identity is, and what obstacles we need to overcome to have greater control over personal information and privacy while enabling seamless, secure and trusted interactions with a comprehensive range of online services.

#opinion #web3 #DID

Self-sovereign onboarding and login system developed by Iota Foundation and

Biometric Update. April 4, 2023

The Iota Foundation has partnered with, which bills itself as a provider of identity and NFT infrastructure for developers, to launch a new solution that they say brings privacy protection and self-sovereign identity to identity and access management.

#partnership #SSI #IAM

3 Fronts in the Battle for Digital Identity

DarkReading. April 5, 2023

As both digital protection strategies and digital attacks become more sophisticated, organizations that know the terrain have a better chance of navigating it. The article by Sumsub co-founder discusses three fronts where the battle for digital identity is especially complex and ferocious right now:

  • Liveness Detection vs. Deepfakes
  • Remote Processes vs. Digital Impersonation
  • Regulation vs. Crypto Chaos

#opinion #cybersec #DID #regulation #fraud

Ping Identity launches decentralized identity management

TechRepublic. April 10, 2023

With PingOne Neo, Ping Identity aims to accelerate “speed to trust,” supercharge identity management and put control of a user’s identity in the user’s pocket.

#cybersec #IAM #DID #SSI

NSW Picks Tech Vendor for Digital ID Program

FindBiometrics. April 10, 2023

Auckland-based MATTR has been selected as New South Wales’ tech partner for the Australian state’s Digital ID and Verifiable Credentials program.

#australia #nationalID #DID

Digital identity network raises $132m and names new CFO

Fintech Global. April 12, 2023

Secure digital identity network has raised $132m in its Series D funding round and appointed Samantha Greenberg as its new chief financial officer.The company has raised a total of $240m in equity since it was founded in 2010. is an identity company that helps consumers easily access online services and control their personal data. Over 100 million members can use their wallet to verify their identity across 30 US states, 14 federal agencies and over 500 name-brand retailers across the digital identity network.

#fundraising #DID

Okta integrates with Singapore’s national digital ID system

Computer Weekly. April 12, 2023

Okta has integrated its customer identity and access management (CIAM) service with Singpass, enabling organisations to provide consumers with access to digital services using Singapore’s national digital ID system.

#singapore #okta #nationalID #integration

LinkedIn deploys new secure identity verification for all members

SC Magazine. April 13, 2023

All LinkedIn members are getting a boost in secure identity verification, as the networking platform deployed new measures that will be offered free of charge. LinkedIn will now allow users to verify their identity with the secure identity platform CLEAR. LinkedIn also partnered with Microsoft, which enables the use of the Entra Verified ID platform.

#linkedin #microsoft #partnership #DID

Rwanda to issue digital IDs in three years

The New Times. April 24, 2023

Rwanda plans to issue digital identity (ID) cards within three years to allow residents to use such identification documents stored in their phones, and replace the current physical IDs, the Minister of ICT and Innovation has said.

#rwanda #DID #nationalID #regulation

Token Closes $30 Million Financing to Bring its Next-Generation Multifactor Authentication Solution to Market

EinPressWire. April 24, 2023

Token, a provider of secure, wearable authentication solutions, announced a $30 million financing raise to support the company's product development and strategic growth objectives. Investment by Grand Oaks Capital will fund ongoing product development and launch of innovative anti-phishing and ransomware solution.

#fundraising #cybersec #wearables #biometrics

Social Media App MeWe to Bring Frequency Blockchain's Self-Sovereign Identity to Its 20M Users

Coindesk. April 26, 2023

Social networking app MeWe is adopting the Frequency blockchain, built on Polkadot, to bring self-sovereign blockchain-based identities to its 20 million users, the MeWe team announced at Consensus 2023.

#SSI #partnership #socialmedia

Leaders in Decentralized Identity Slam Soulbound Tokens

Coindesk. April 28, 2023

On a Consensus 2023 panel discussing how to protect your identity, “our most precious asset,” the consensus was that SBTs were absolutely the wrong path.

#opinion #DID #SBT

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