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SSI Digest, February 2023

Here's a round up of everything decentralized identity, digital identity and SSI for the month of February. Dive in and found out the latest news below

It’s time to own your digital identity

Cointelegraph. February 6, 2023

Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, discusses emergence of digital identity into the world of Web3 and the metaverse, including data retention where the web user has full visibility and control, and what still needs to be done to flesh out the infrastructure and drive adoption.

#opinion #web3 #metaverse #DID

Decentralized Identity Network Space ID Raises $10M

Coindesk. February 7, 2023

SPACE ID, a startup building a universal name network for decentralized identities, has raised $10 million in a strategic funding round led by crypto investment firms Polychain Capital and dao5. The funding will be used toward developing the network, hiring and new products.

#fundraising #DID #crypto

European Parliament Members back plans for digital identity framework

Finextra. February 9, 2023

Members of the European Parliament’s (MEPs) Industry, Research and Energy Committee have given their support to a new digital identity framework, eID, by 55 votes to 8.

The Framework was proposed in June 2021, and would create an interoperable, EU-wide scheme, allowing all European citizens to use the all-in-one gateway to access public services.

#europe #regulation #DID

DSIT Digital identity Programme

GOV.UK. February 13, 2023

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) published digital identity guidance primarily aimed at 4 groups:

  • Providers, who provide digital identity or attribute services
  • Certifying bodies, who will certify services against the standards we set
  • Use case schemes, who are looking to build on our standards in particular use cases or industries
  • Employers, businesses or other bodies, sometimes known as relying parties, who want to use digital identity services

#UK #guidance #regulation #DID

Tony Blair Institute calls for decentralized government-issued digital ID for all

Biometric Update. February 22, 2023

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is calling for a change of course in the government’s digital ID program to provide a comprehensive digital identity, rather than approve various solutions under different schemes.

Most of the report, however, is distantly or unrelated to digital ID. Principal recommendations include a government science and technology agenda, building foundational AI infrastructure, a specialized procurement body, public R&D spending, more tech in education, and stronger global partnerships. The proposed digital ID is one of the items under the AI infrastructure umbrella, and is confined to government interactions.

#UK #regulation #report #DID

Bhutan launches self-sovereign biometric digital ID, crown prince first to enroll

Biometric Update. February 23, 2023

Bhutan’s seven-year-old crown prince led the way as the first Bhutanese to be enrolled into the country’s new national digital ID system (NDI) in a recent ceremony that took place on his father’s birthday.

According to reporting by the state-run Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS), the NDI is a digital wallet that uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide citizens with secure and verifiable ID credentials.

#bhutan #DID #SSI

Sustaining Business Collaboration in a Volatile World

SAP. February 24, 2023

SAP blog article describing SAP initiatives in the sphere of digital identity management infrastructure to build and leverage business networks, from startups to multinational corporations, to serve customers in a fast and reliable manner.


Australia and state govts agree on digital ID, credential sharing deal

Biometric Update. February 27, 2023

Ministers from Australia’s federal government have agreed to a deal with their state and territory counterparts to include digital credentials in the new national digital identity system, reports the Australian Financial Review.

The agreement paves the way for driver’s licenses and occupational credentials to be recognized across the country, and to store their credentials in a digital wallet, all based on international standards.

#australia #DID #regulation #cybersec

Digital identity apps to nearly double in four years

Fintech Global. February 27, 2023

The total number of digital identity apps in use will exceed 4.1 billion globally by 2027, nearly doubling from 2.3 billion in 2023.

This 82% growth is expected to be driven by the use of government-backed digital identities to replace physical identity documents as a source of verification for third-party apps, such as banking. The report claims this will be critical to help businesses reduce identity theft and meet KYC regulations.

The finding comes from the latest research report from Juniper Research, ‘Digital Identity: Solutions Assessment, Regional Analysis & Market Forecasts 2023-2027.’

#report #DID #KYC

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