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SSI Digest, January 2023

Here's a round up of everything decentralized identity, digital identity and SSI for the month of January. Dive in and found out the latest news below

N.L. planning pilot project for potential shift to digital IDs

CBC. January 2, 2023

The Newfoundland and Labrador government is hoping to launch a digital ID pilot project in 2023, with the ultimate aim of being able to confirm identities electronically.

"It's a huge opportunity to protect the privacy of Canadians — you know, reduce fraud," Digital Government Minister Sarah Stoodley said.

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Turkey to use blockchain-based digital identity for online public services

Cointelegraph. January 2, 2023

Shortly after its central bank completed its first CBDC tests, Turkey announced a blockchain-based digital identity application.

Turkey plans to use blockchain technology during the login process for online public services. E-Devlet, Turkey’s digital government portal used to access a wide range of public services, will use a blockchain-based digital identity to verify Turkish citizens during login.

Fuat Oktay, the vice president of Turkey, announced during the Digital Turkey 2023 event that citizens will be able to use blockchain-based digital identity to access e-wallet applications.

#turkey #DID

Will The Future Of Social Media Mean The Coexistence Of Safety And Identity?

Forbes. January 4, 2023

This is Part 2 of a 2-Part Series that analyzes the 2022 events on Twitter, the crazed policies of a new CEO and the implications on the future of Social Media.

Hessie Jones and various experts discuss the issues of anonymity/pseudonymity, online transparency and verification, accountability and the role of technology.

#socialmedia #DID 

Ripple Might Adopt Decentralized Identity, Here's What to Know About Its Web3 Idea

U.Today. January 10, 2023

Ripple wrote in a recent tweet, "It's time to take ownership of your data." This refers to the concept of decentralized identity, which was explained by Ripple's general manager, Monica Long, in a one-minute video clip. Monica Long explains in the short 60-second video how decentralized identity could give individuals new power to control their personal online data in a Web3 future.

#ripple #opinion #web3 #DID

Cabinet Office looks to expand public data sharing for digital ID

ComputerWeekly. January 13, 2023

Cabinet Office seeks feedback on proposed legislation to enhance data sharing across the public sector, in support of the UK government’s ambition to have a single sign-on identity-check system for all public services.

Known as One Login, the three-year, £400m project will replace more than 190 existing sign-in routes and 44 separate accounts, allowing citizens to prove their digital identity once and then reuse it to access all government services online via a single account. The system went into beta testing in August 2022.

#UK #regulation #DID

Battle for the brand

CyberForge. January 14, 2023

Decentralized identity technologies based on W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC) are gaining global support due to their power and flexibility in meeting the needs of the open web and the public and private sector enterprise in a manner that is secure, privacy respecting and globally interoperable.

This in turn is generating allergic reactions from incumbent players who have often played the gatekeeper role in this domain, who after ignoring and laughing at the work for the longest time, are now becoming concerned about its success, traction and global adoption.

#opinion #W3C #VC #DID

Next wave of DeFi will be driven by decentralized identity solutions

Venturebeat. January 16, 2023

Today, decentralized finance (DeFi) is still something of a “wild west.” With many different players, each with their own claims and ambitions, there is no obvious law of the land.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in some users being dealt a bad hand after deciding to experiment with the ecosystem. Stories of scams and rug pulls are still common, and algorithmic protocols coming undone by negative market conditions disturb users’ trust.

The very technology that DeFi is built upon also offers the solution to the current roadblock. That solution comes in the form of decentralized identities, or DIDs. 

#opinion #DeFi #DID

Misconceptions that are slowing digital ID progress in banking and financial services

Finextra. January 17, 2023

For banking and financial services across the globe that embrace digital ID, the benefits will be vast. The digital ID ecosystem to enable this now exists and is rapidly expanding. Offerings are emerging around the globe that allow financial services firms to access digital IDs from a range of suppliers – spearheaded in the UK, for example, by trade bodies like TISA and UK Finance.

Nick Mothershaw, a Chief Identity Strategist at Open Identiry Exchange (OIX) attempts to provide clarity on myths and questions constantly appearing around digital ID. They are proving to be stubborn barriers for the sector in moving forward.

#opinion #DID #banking

Transport Canada Insists Biometric Traveler ID Project Is Ongoing

Findbiometrics. January 24, 2023

Reports of the death of the Known Traveller Digital Identity project are greatly exaggerated, according to Transport Canada.

First announced back in 2018, the KTDI initiative was – and apparently still is – a collaboration between a number of government entities, the World Economic Forum, INTERPOL, and Accenture, with the governments of Canada and the Netherlands being key players. Their aim was to develop a digital ID system for travelers flying between the countries, storing the data across a cryptographically secured, distributed ledger system.

#canada #DID #use-case #travel

New York to Hire Customer Experience Chief, Launch Single ID

Government Technology. January 24, 2023

New York is working to launch ID+, a service that captures all of the information that we get from our customers into one identification.

The chief customer experience officer would work to uncover causes of pain points and help make government services more accessible. The consolidated ID effort, meanwhile, will be aimed at stopping account fraud.

#US #new-york #DID

DCMS Digital identity Programme

GOV.UK. January 26, 2023

TheDepartment for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport publishes a digital identity guidance primarily aimed at four groups:

  • Providers, who provide digital identity or attribute services
  • Certifying bodies, who will certify services against the standards we set
  • Schemes, who are looking to build on our standards in particular use cases or industries
  • Employers, businesses or other bodies, sometimes known as relying parties, who want to use digital identity services

#UK #regulation #guidance #DID

Creating self-sovereignty in the creator economy and Web3 — Is there room for both?

Cointelegraph. January 27, 2023

A podcast where NFT Steez sits down with Web3 advocate Julie Plavnik to discuss the concepts of self-sovereignty and digital identity in Web3-based creator economies.

#podcast #web3 #SSI #DID

Kenya Attempts to Breathe New Life Into Digital ID Scheme

PYMNTS. January 30, 2023

The Kenyan government is pushing for a nationwide digital ID scheme. But the years-long implementation so far has been beset with complications.

The government’s attempts to create a nationwide ID scheme go back years, following close to two decades of consolidating data from different population registration agencies.

#kenya #DID 

Saviynt raises $205M and affirms that IAM must be cloud-friendly

Venturebeat. January 31, 2023

Managing identities on-premises isn’t good enough. Today’s organizations need automated, cloud-friendly Identity Access Management (IAM) processes if they’re going to authenticate and authorize remote users at scale. In decentralized working environments, there’s a mandate for being agile.

One vendor looking to build an agile cloud IAM process is identity and access governance provider Saviynt, which today announced it has closed $205 million in growth financing from AB Private Credit Investors’ Tech Capital solutions group. 

#fundraising #IAM #DID

UK govt urged to step up role in digital ID as public good at Westminster eForum

Biometric Update. January 31, 2023

Digital identity is a public good which requires government support and regulation while tech and service providers are going to have to take responsibility for security and fraud, rather than individuals as attacks become more sophisticated. The UK needs to make decisions quickly on areas such as verifiable credentials otherwise it will be isolated from international interoperability and decreasingly attractive as a place for investment.

These were some of the thoughts coming out of the latest Westminster eForum, which aimed to deduce the next steps on digital identity in the UK.

#UK #regulation #interop

myGov report warns against digital ID fragmentation

ITnews. January 31, 2023

The Australian federal government’s slow movement on digital ID risks creating “digital rail gauges … where a credential issued by one jurisdiction won’t be accepted in another," a review of myGov, which also covered digital identity, has warned.

The report, in two volumes, highlights how slow decision-making at the federal level, along with a lack of legislative support for digital ID, have left Australians vulnerable.

#australia #regulation #DID #report

African demand for digital ID infrastructure growing, as is fraud: Smile Identity report

Biometric Update. January 31, 2023

Digital ID verification company Smile Identity has highlighted increasing interest among African countries in developing critical digital identity infrastructure.

This trend, the firm’s new report notes, is underscored by the sustained investment focus on digital technologies despite a generally difficult economic experience for the continent in 2022.

Titled ‘2022 end-of-year report: State of KYC in Africa,’ the 40-page document which analyzes data from 50 million KYC checks carried out since 2019 by Smile Identity, also details the important role of biometric onboarding processes for businesses especially at a time when financial fraud rates on the continent are escalating.

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