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SSI Digest March 2022

The latest on SSI for March, 2022

Decentralized identity using blockchain

VentureBeat. March 05, 2022

The article by Deepak Gupta on VentureBeat explores the topic of decentralized identity and addresses the following:

  • What is a decentralized identity?
  • How decentralized identity works with blockchain
  • How to authenticate using a decentralized identity
  • What happens when we fully adopt a decentralized identity procedure?
  • Benefits of using blockchain with decentralized identity


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Decentralized identity solutions could bring true ownership and security to gaming

VentureBeat. February 19, 2022

With the global gaming market set to reach $250 billion by 2025, the appetite from players truly looking to own their in-game assets as well as to hold a secure interoperable identity across multiple virtual worlds will only increase. Decentralized identity can build an entirely new ecosystem of true ownership within video games, whilst adding security, protecting private information, and adding trust. This would alter the entire industry for the better, creating a more transparent arena where players can rest assured that their assets and real and virtual identities are safe. If utilized correctly, decentralization will shape the future of gaming.

#metaverse #web3 #gaming #KYC

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The data act – the proposed data sovereignty law – marks a new phase for the data economy

Data Sovereignty Now. March 03, 2022

The article on Data Sovereignty Now discusses the recent Data Act proposed by the EU, marking a new phase for the data economy. The document increases access to data for users of connected devices irrespective of whether it is personal data as defined in the GDPR or not. The proposed law would be the first one to fully embrace the principle of data sovereignty – people and organizations should have self-determination with regard to their data. However, there are still some concerns around the practical, executional side of the Data Act.

Digital Identity: Leveraging the SSI Concept to Build Trust

ENISA. January 20, 2022

The European Union Agency For Cybersecurity has published the report exploring the potential of self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies for secure electronic identification and authentication to access cross-border online services offered by Member States under the eIDAS Regulation. It assesses the current literature and reports on the current technological landscape of SSI and existing eID solutions, as well as the standards, communities, and pilot projects that are presently developing in support of these solutions. This study takes a wide view of decentralised electronic identity, considers possible architectural elements and mechanisms of governance, and identifies security risks and opportunities presented by SSI in view of cross-border interoperability, mutual recognition, and technology neutrality as required by eIDAS.

#SSI #cybersecurity

Leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity, Blockchain, and Zero-Knowledge Proof to Build a Privacy-Preserving Vaccination Pass

Cornell University. February 22, 2022

The current humanitarian health crisis popularized the debate on data privacy. At the same time, several cities, states, and even countries put the mandatory presentation of health pass to access services into practice. The article explores the concepts of self-sovereign identity, blockchain, and zero-knowledge proofs to propose a solution to the problem of presenting proof of vaccination. This solution allows users to prove that they are vaccinated for different pathogens without revealing their identity. The architecture is loosely coupled, allowing components to be exchanged, which is discussed with a presentation of a working prototype.

#SSI #health

Self-sovereign identity: How big is the market opportunity? February 10, 2022

The white paper funded by cheqd, a startup building networks to securely exchange digital ID data, values the total addressable market (TAM) for self-sovereign identification at $550 billion annually. The authors use data from various organizations and apply a lot of assumptions to arrive to the TAM estimation. They describe their approach as approximation. However, they believe when checked against other metrics or calculations, it appears to be in the right ballpark.

#SSI #whitepaper #marketreport

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ATB Ventures works with Canadian government on digital ID proof of concept

Biometricupdate. February 16, 2022

Alberta-based ATB Ventures is partnering with the government of Canada to develop a proof of concept for a National Digital Trust Service. The company will offer access to Oliu, a self-sovereign digital identity management platform built around blockchain, so the participating 20 organizations can build and test a broad range of applications.


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5 must-read books for digital identity enthusiasts

Future Identity Blog. March 3, 2022

Future Identity Blog examines the 5 books that explore data privacy, identity management, self-sovereign identity, algorithm bias, and digital currencies.


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The Importance Of Self-Sovereign Identity For Empowering Users Exploring Web3 Opportunities

CryptoDaily. February 21, 2022

Excitement surrounding Web3 continues to build, but one must consider the impact on data and privacy. Establishing a viable digital identity solution is paramount in this scenario. Self-sovereign identity, or SSI, is one of the more intriguing options for that purpose, designed to empower users and give them data control.

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