May 23, 2024

Kyle Martin



Truvity named as participant in 2024 PwC Scale programme

Truvity, a leading provider of digital identity solutions, is thrilled to announce is one of eleven selected to participate in PwC’s esteemed Scale | Digital Assets program.

This collaborative initiative with GrowthBuilders is the first designed to drive innovation and growth in the financial services industry through tokenisation and digital assets and solve important problems for the Financial Services industry.

The 12-week program will provide Truvity with a comprehensive business curriculum, tailored support, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Designed to expedite scale-up growth, preparing them to enter new markets through a rigorous 12-week curriculum that includes masterclasses and personalised mentorship from industry experts.

Participants will gain an expanded network and enhanced capabilities in client acquisition, strategic growth, and fundraising. They will focus on mastering the intricacies of expanding into diverse markets. As part of the Scale program, Truvity will gain direct access to PwC's extensive network of corporate decision-makers and institutional partners, opening numerous commercial opportunities.

The digital asset industry, encompassing cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and decentralised finance (DeFi), faces unique challenges in B2B interactions and transactions. These include regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and efficient onboarding of partners and clients. Truvity can address these challenges by providing a secure, verifiable, and efficient method for identity and credential management. This not only builds trust but also fosters a more secure and efficient digital asset ecosystem. For example, as DeFi platforms require increasingly stringent security, Truvity’s API allows liquidity providers to share verifiable credentials, ensuring compliance and reducing fraud risk.

Konstantin Mashukov, CEO of Truvity, remarked, "Being selected for PwC’s program is a tremendous honour for Truvity. This opportunity will accelerate our mission to provide secure, compliant digital identity solutions, enabling safer and more efficient business interactions in the digital economy. We look forward to collaborating with industry leaders and other innovative companies to drive the future of digital assets."

For more information about PwC’s Scale | Digital Assets program, please visit PwC Scale | Digital Assets.

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