November 7, 2023

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32 Self-Sovereign Things You Could Build With Truvity’s API

Wondering where to get started with Truvity’s new Self-Sovereign Identity API? We’ve compiled a list of 32 possible different use cases and applications to inspire you and help you get started.

Navigating the online world securely and privately isn't just a desire—it's a necessity in today's interconnected digital landscape. That's where Self-Sovereign Identity steps in, where you can reimagine how we manage and share personal data. Whether it's enhancing user experience, tightening security, or simply giving individuals the autonomy they deserve over their personal information, the applications are as varied as they are revolutionary.

Curious to see what SSI what that looks like in practice? Let’s explore together. We've lined up 32 use cases where Truvity's Self-Sovereign Identity API doesn't just enhance the experience; it transforms it. From revolutionizing e-commerce to reimagining how we access healthcare, manage our finances, or even cross borders, Truvity’s API is your sandbox for experimentation and innovation, and it’s available now.

Ready to peek into the future? Here's a taste of what's possible with Truvity’s SSI API: your toolkit for building a more private, secure, and user-friendly internet, one digital interaction at a time.

Financial Services

In the financial sector, Truvity's SSI capabilities are a game-changer. Banks and financial institutions can use the platform to create, manage, and share digital identities securely. Customers can verify their identities swiftly through seamless integration with the bank's existing systems, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and in-person verification. Truvity automates the KYC/AML compliance process, ensuring that financial institutions remain compliant with regulations like GDPR, eIDAS 2.0, and KYC/AML. With Truvity, trust and security between digital identity issuers, holders, and verifiers in the financial industry reach new heights.

  • Digital Banking: Create a fully digital banking experience where customers can securely open accounts, apply for loans, and manage their finances with     self-sovereign identities.
  • Investment Portfolios: Develop a platform that allows investors to build and manage their portfolios, with identity-based authentication for secure trading.
  • Payment Processing: Streamline payment processing for businesses by verifying user identities, reducing fraud, and ensuring secure transactions.


For healthcare providers, Truvity's SSI platform empowers patients to control their health data securely. Healthcare professionals can create, manage, and share patients' digital identities, ensuring that medical records are accurate and easily accessible. Build healthcare systems with the patient at the core, making sharing patient information with various specialists more efficient and trustworthy. Moreover, Truvity's solution complies with GDPR, eIDAS 2.0, and healthcare industry regulations, assuring that sensitive patient data remains protected.

  • Personal Health Records: Build a personal health record platform where patients have control over their medical data, making it accessible to healthcare providers when needed.
  • Telehealth Services: Develop a telehealth application that verifies patient identities and securely connects them with healthcare professionals.
  • Prescription Management: Create a prescription management system that ensures the secure and accurate dispensing of medication through identity verification.


In the world of DeFi, control over digital identity is a fundamental principle. Truvity's SSI toolkit allows users to create, process, and organize identity data in one place. This functionality is pivotal for DeFi platforms as it enables users to establish their digital personas securely. Furthermore, there’s the potential for seamless integration with existing DeFi ecosystems ensuring that users can easily link their digital identities to DeFi accounts and assets. The flexible and scalable nature of Truvity's solution is a perfect fit for the ever-evolving DeFi space.

  • Decentralized Exchanges: Build a decentralized exchange where users can securely trade digital assets, with identity verification powered by your SSI toolkit.
  • Lending Platforms: Create a DeFi lending platform that enables users to borrow and lend digital assets, with user-controlled digital identities for risk assessment.
  • Automated Yield Farming: Develop a yield farming application that leverages SSI for user identity and risk management, offering a safer DeFi experience.


In the field of education, Truvity simplifies the management of student credentials and transcripts. Educational institutions can create complete digital identities for students, making academic records easily accessible and machine-readable. This feature streamlines the enrollment process, reducing administrative workload and ensuring that students have control over their academic achievements. It also adheres to GDPR and eIDAS 2.0 standards, guaranteeing the security and privacy of educational data.

  • Digital Transcripts: Implement a digital transcript system where students can securely share their academic records with educational institutions and employers.
  • E-Learning Platforms and Certificates: Create an e-learning platform that offers personalized courses with identity-verified certifications.
  • Student Portals: Develop student portals where individuals can manage their educational journey, access resources, and securely share achievements.


Travelers can enjoy seamless journeys with Truvity's SSI solution. Passports and vaccination records become part of the traveler's digital identity. By integrating with immigration and airport systems, the platform expedites border crossings and airport check-ins. It's also scalable for travel businesses, from small agencies to large airlines.

  • Digital Passports: Develop a digital passport application that stores travelers' essential information and is seamlessly integrated with immigration and airport systems.
  • Travel Insurance Verification: Build a platform for travelers to easily verify their insurance policies and access travel-specific services.
  • Customized Travel Experiences: Create travel agencies that offer tailored experiences based on travelers' verified interests and preferences in their digital identities.

KYC and Compliance

For businesses requiring KYC checks, Truvity automates the verification process. Customers can create and manage their digital identities, simplifying the KYC process for both businesses and clients. Its seamless integration with banking and financial systems ensures KYC compliance, and the platform adheres to GDPR, eIDAS 2.0, and KYC/AML standards, ensuring that sensitive customer data remains secure.

  • Identity Verification Services: Provide a service for businesses to quickly verify the identity of their customers, streamlining onboarding.
  • Financial Compliance Dashboards: Develop dashboards that enable businesses to monitor and ensure ongoing KYC compliance for their customer base.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Build a system that automates the generation of regulatory reports required for compliance purposes, with identity-verified data.

Human Resources and Immigration

In HR, Truvity's SSI solution simplifies the hiring process. Candidates can create, manage, and share their digital identities, including certifications and background checks. Employers can seamlessly verify these identities. This functionality fosters trust between employers and potential employees, while adhering to GDPR and eIDAS 2.0 standards for data protection.

  • Digital Résumés: Create a platform where job seekers can build digital résumés with verified credentials and experience.
  • Hiring Portals: Develop HR portals that facilitate seamless background checks and employment verifications using self-sovereign identities.
  • Onboarding Automation: Implement an onboarding system that leverages identity verification to automate the HR paperwork and orientation process for new employees.
  • Visa Application Management: Develop a system that enables individuals to manage visa applications with self-sovereign identities, simplifying the immigration process.
  • Immigrant Integration Services: Build an ecosystem that helps immigrants access services, such as housing and employment, using verified digital identities to establish trust and streamline the integration process.

Carbon Footprint

Truvity's platform opens up a new era for managing carbon credits, an essential tool in the fight against climate change. By enabling transparent and verified transactions through self-sovereign identities, carbon credit buyers can confidently support sustainable initiatives, while sellers can ensure their credits are accurately represented and valued. This functionality not only streamlines the carbon credit market but also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions on a global scale.

  • Carbon Credits Management: Develop a marketplace for buying and selling carbon credits, with transparent and verified transactions facilitated through self-sovereign identities.
  • Sustainable Supply Chains: Create a system for businesses to track and reduce their carbon footprint, with carbon data integrated into product digital identities.
  • Environmental Impact Reporting: Implement a platform for companies and individuals to monitor, report, and reduce their environmental impact, with verified data integrated into their digital identities.


Environmental responsibility begins with awareness and accountability. Truvity empowers businesses and individuals to monitor, report, and ultimately reduce their environmental impact. By incorporating verified environmental data into digital identities, the platform facilitates informed decision-making and encourages pro-environmental actions. This shift has broad implications for fostering a more sustainable world, where each entity takes ownership of its environmental impact, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

  • Protected Area Access: Develop a system that allows individuals and organizations to access and preserve protected natural areas, with secure digital identities for permissions.
  • Wildlife Conservation: Create a network for wildlife researchers and conservationists to share data and collaborate securely, using self-sovereign identities.
  • Environmental Advocacy: Build a platform for individuals to join and support environmental advocacy groups, with verified identities to ensure the authenticity of participants.


In agriculture, Truvity's SSI capabilities support the development of transparent supply chains. Farmers and agribusinesses can create digital identities for their produce, facilitating traceability and quality control. Documents related to crop certification, pesticide usage, and more can be made machine-readable and part of the digital identity, which adds value to the products. The scalable and flexible nature of Truvity's platform ensures that agricultural businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved data management.

  • Supply Chain Transparency: Build a supply chain tracking system where consumers can scan products to view the journey from the farm to their table, all with verified product data.
  • Precision Farming: Create a platform for precision farming that integrates with IoT devices, collecting data that becomes part of the digital identity of each crop.

Agricultural Certification: Implement a digital certification system for organic and sustainable farming practices, with machine-readable certificates integrated into the digital identities of agricultural products.

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