November 3, 2023

Kyle Martin



How to Pitch Self-Sovereign Identity to Your Boss: A Developer’s Guide

As a developer facing complex databases and regulations, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) offers a simplification and new business models. Learn to pitch SSI to your management to leverage its benefits.

Why You Should Consider SSI

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, developers stand at the crossroads of innovation and functionality, constantly navigating the maze of emerging technologies and their implications. Among these technologies, one stands out not just as a solution to present challenges but also as a key to unlocking future potentials: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). As a developer, embracing SSI can significantly streamline your working processes, reduce overhead in auditing and eliminating file redundancy, and unify all kinds of database entry profiles. However, the task often includes making the management see its immense value. Let's delve deeper into the core advantages of SSI and craft the perfect pitch for your management.

Pitch 1: Reducing Database Complexity and Costs

The Challenge: Managing expansive databases with diverse schemas, leading to increased operational costs and potential errors, making the management of a sprawling array of databases a monumental task. Each system, with its distinct schema and structure, adds layers of complexity. This not only increases the likelihood of errors but also bloats operational costs, especially when integrating with third-party systems or migrating data.

The SSI Advantage: SSI introduces a paradigm shift by placing the control of digital identities in the hands of the users. This significantly reduces the need for businesses to maintain extensive databases. Instead, a streamlined, decentralised system emerges, leading to a direct reduction in database maintenance costs and the associated complexities. There results a sleeker, more efficient system that not only reduces costs but also minimises error-prone complications.

Pitching to Management: "Consider the hours and resources we invest in database maintenance, integration, and troubleshooting. SSI offers a chance to redirect those resources. It promises a cleaner, leaner infrastructure, allowing us to save costs and focus on core functionalities while putting the user at the centre."

Pitch 2: Saving Time and Money with Instant Verifiability

The Challenge: Traditional identity verification processes often involve multiple steps, from manual document checks to third-party verification services. These processes can be time-consuming, slowing down customer onboarding or transaction completion, thereby affecting user experience and operational efficiency. This lag in identity verification slows down workflows and potential business opportunities can be missed.

The SSI Advantage: With SSI, users control and share their pre-verified identity data. This eliminates the need for businesses to re-verify information, leading to instant user verification and significantly faster processes, eliminating redundant checks and streamlining operations.

Pitching to Management: "With SSI, we can drastically cut down our identity verification time, offering a more seamless experience to users and enhancing operational efficiency. User verifications, which used to take hours, are reduced to mere seconds. Adopting SSI can dramatically improve our user experience, leading to potential customer retention and even growth."

Pitch 3: The Fraud-Proof Nature of SSI

The Challenge: The vulnerabilities inherent to centralised identity systems have always been attractive targets for cyber-attacks. A single breach can expose a vast amount of user data, leading to both financial losses and reputational damage from fraud.

The SSI Advantage: The decentralised nature of SSI removes the central point of failure. When combined with advanced cryptographic proofs and techniques, the SSI model offers an identity system that is resilient to common attack vectors.

Pitching to Management: "In an age where data breaches make headlines, SSI provides a shield. By decentralising identities, we drastically reduce our vulnerabilities, ensuring our users' trust remains intact and our reputation remains untarnished."

Pitch 4: Ensuring Compliance Today and Tomorrow

The Challenge: Compliance is a moving target. With regulations like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, businesses must be constantly vigilant to stay compliant, especially in the realm of user data and privacy. Adhering to an ever-shifting landscape of data privacy and protection regulations is, on its own, a full-time responsibility.

The SSI Advantage: SSI’s design inherently aligns with principles and is agile enough to adapt to future regulatory changes. It inherently supports data minimisation, user control, and transparency, ensuring businesses remain on the right side of regulations. It ensures compliance with current standards like GDPR, readying us for future regulations.

Pitching to Management: "With SSI, we’re not just addressing today's compliance requirements; it's about future-proofing our systems. It's proactive compliance and a strategic move to reduce regulatory risks and potential associated penalties."

Pitch 5: Pioneering Future Business Models with Advanced Tech

The Challenge: In a saturated market, differentiation is crucial. Businesses need to innovate constantly to stay competitive and relevant. Addressing this challenge is central to a management team leading the company into the future.

The SSI Advantage: By fundamentally changing how digital identities are managed and controlled, SSI paves the road to novel business models of interaction, partnerships, and revenue streams. Whether it's about forming unique partnerships based on verifiable credentials or creating platforms that redefine user trust, SSI is a catalyst for innovation.

Pitching to Management: "SSI is more than just a solution; it's an opportunity. It allows us to explore untapped markets, form unique partnerships, and even redefine our value proposition. The goal isn’t just to address our current challenges but to pioneer next-gen business models."

Integrating SSI into Existing Systems

While the advantages of SSI are many, a practical concern many developers might have is the integration aspect. However, the SSI ecosystem has matured significantly, with numerous tools, SDKs, and APIs available to facilitate seamless integration. Furthermore, the community around SSI is vibrant, offering support, sharing best practices, and continuously innovating.

When pitching to management, it's essential to emphasise the ease of integration and the availability of resources. "The transition to SSI," you can point out, "is not a leap into the unknown but a structured, supported journey towards a more efficient and secure digital infrastructure."

In addition, identity systems are already coming on the horizon. The EU’s eIDAS 2.0 regulation will demand a shift in database infrastructure to interface with it. Why not adopt a ready-to-deploy SSI solution, rather than expend the work hours necessary to build, test, and implement something from the ground-up?

In Conclusion

Self-Sovereign Identity is not just another buzzword in the tech world; it represents a profound shift in the digital identity landscape. For developers, it offers a path to simplicity, efficiency, and innovation. And for businesses, it promises cost savings, enhanced security, and a future-ready stance.

As you champion SSI in your organisation, remember that your pitch to management isn't just about the technical merits. It's about showcasing SSI as a strategic move, one that positions the company for both present-day gains and future success. Armed with the insights above, you're now equipped to make a compelling case for SSI and lead your organisation into a promising digital future.

With the right pitch, you can make management see its unparalleled potential. Dive into SSI, embrace its advantages, and lead your organisation into a future that's efficient, secure, and boundlessly innovative.

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