September 18, 2023

Kyle Martin



Introducing the Truvity Platform: The Future of Instant Digital Trust

Today, we launch the Truvity Demo, so everyone can explore the future of machine-readability, instant trust and verification, and simple data management. Our Developer Documentation suite and access to our API is also now available for developers.

Today, digital identity technology takes a bold leap forward as we announce the Truvity Platform, the start of making a future-forward self-sovereign identity API a reality. Our Demo platform, which you can try today, allows you to explore the benefits of machine-readable documents, built-in verification tools, and lighting-fast data recall and sharing between wallets. Build your own airplane boarding pass with the building blocks of self-sovereign identity; verifiable credentials and verifiable presentations, and see the technical behind-the-scenes of what's happening in the application as you through the process. And for the experienced developer, you can access our full API and explore our documentation suite.

Combined with seamless digital trust, high-level security, and scalability to meet any use case, our API is built with intuitive and powerful development in mind. And when eIDAS 2.0 debuts in September, you can expect full compatibility built, ready for you to take advantage of the future of EU identity and security protocols.

Why Truvity?

In the era of digital interactions, trust and identity are paramount. In the digital space, how do you truly know someone is who they say they are? With a majority of banking, health services, and commerce taking place online, with faster transactions and ever increasing risks, this identity question demands a swift and secure answer. Enter the Truvity Platform—a solution built in the realm of self-sovereign identity.

The Truvity Platform is an advanced self-sovereign identity (SSI) solution engineered by our veteran team of high-level, future-focused engineers. Our goal is simple: to save companies and institutions time and money by providing the means to build an information exchange that serves their specific needs. The Truvity API empowers developers of all skill-levels to build their own solution to own, manage, and share digital identity and verifiable credentials (VCs) without the need for central authorities or intermediaries. Time is money, and traditional, slow, means of sharing and verifying critical documentation is costing us billions.

Instant Digital Trust: The Truvity Advantage

The Truvity Platform isn’t just another database solution; it’s the start of solutions built with instant digital trust. By utilising cutting-edge cryptography and decentralized technologies, it ensures rapid, yet robust identity verification and document exchange. Transactions and interactions that once took hours or even days can now be achieved almost instantaneously. Imagine a world where verifying your identity, whether for a bank transaction, an online service, or even international travel, becomes as seamless as breathing. That's the world Truvity envisions—and is creating.

The Challenge of Digital Trust

In the age of digitization, one of the significant challenges is establishing trust within the virtual environment. Traditional identification methods can be cumbersome, prone to fraud, and don't always protect users' privacy. The Truvity Platform emerges as a solution to these challenges, empowering companies to stay ahead of regulation and document verification with unmatched speed and versatility. Leave the high-labor cost of traditional database solutions, or the high labor-time of paper, behind.

The Future is Self-Sovereign Identity

The SSI movement fundamentally transforms the way we perceive and utilize digital identities. Instead of relying on numerous usernames, passwords, and centralized databases, the Truvity Platform brings forward a streamlined and unified approach to digital identity. Individuals maintain their data, determining who accesses it, when, and under what circumstances. The result? A smoother, more secure digital experience, reducing the risks associated with data breaches and identity theft.

eIDAS 2.0 Compatibility: Aligning with the Future

A core promise of the Truvity Platform is its compatibility with eIDAS 2.0, the European Union’s updated and upcoming regulation on electronic identification and trust services. This regulation sets the gold standard for the recognition of electronic identification and ensures swift and simple onboarding of customers or employees across europe, and secure, borderless transactions without the paperwork.

This compatibility means easier access to the European market, enabling businesses to provide services or products to millions of potential consumers without getting entangled in a web of different national identity schemes while meeting the highest standards of security, privacy, and recognition set by the EU. It's a win-win for all parties involved, bridging gaps, and ensuring smoother cross-border digital transactions.

A Future-Proof Platform Built By You

The Truvity Platform has been designed by- and for-developers. As the world edges closer to a complete digital transformation, the importance of SSI cannot be overstated. Our API integrates seamlessly with your needs and use cases; it’s as simple or as complex as you need. It’s the key to unlocking new paradigms of online interactions—ones that are swifter, more secure, and truly global. The platform’s agility and modularity means that it's ready to adapt, evolve, and meet the needs of tomorrow, while its robust security ensures that users’ data remains uncompromised.

Here's a glimpse of what this cutting-edge platform has to offer:

  1. Developer-Forward Documentation and API Design:

Truvity empowers developers to have full control over their own SSI environment, ensuring complete privacy and independence. Developers can explore our extensive developer documentation and have full, free access to our API to build exactly the platform they need, with only the features they require, within the secure and powerful protocols they demand of a platform for the future.

  1. Compatibility with eIDAS 2.0:

Compliance with regulations is a critical factor for businesses. Truvity Platform's alignment with eIDAS 2.0 ensures that it meets the European Union's latest electronic identification and trust services requirements, offering a legally-recognized means of identifying users.

  1. Instant Trust and Verification:

Truvity's robust implementation of its core principles of machine-readability, scalability, and developer-friendliness work to streamline transactions and interactions. This makes the verification processes which guarantee instant trust between parties simple and quick to implement. From signing documents to onboarding with due-diligence, Truvity simplifies digital experiences, making them safer and more efficient.

  1. Universal Accessibility and Support from Truvity:

Whether a large corporation or a small startup, the Truvity Platform offers a scalable solution that caters to different needs, and allows seamless integration with variou platforms. Truvity is here to help you realize this goal with robust walkthroughs and developer documentation, as well as direct support for all your questions from us and our community.

  1. Robust Security Protocols:

Utilizing state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques and a federated platform built within AWS’ S3 DynamoDB, with user accounts managed by Auth0, Truvity ensures that user data remains secure, transparent, and tamper-proof. We have taken every measure to provide every possible layer of security to guard against all manner of identity theft and fraud.

Explore Truvity Now

The Truvity Platform is built for you to simplify and streamline every aspect of your company’s document management systems into a single fine point. By combining the power of self-sovereign identity with the stringent standards of eIDAS 2.0, Truvity is setting the stage for the next wave of digital evolution.

Join us in this pioneering journey as we reshape the landscape of digital trust and identity management by joining our community.

Try the demo today and see how the Truvity platform can help you get ahead of the curve. Ready to start building? Get your API key, visit our Platform page and review our developer documentation.

Let's build a future where digital trust is instant, secure, and accessible.

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